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Ascent One launches integrated platform to streamline educational tasks
Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

Ascent One has launched a novel ecosystem that embodies admissions management, agent management, and marketing, all within one straightforward and comprehensive platform. This integration will likely revolutionise current operating procedures in the education sector, which traditionally requires managing these factors across multiple systems.

The newly redesigned software from Ascent One promises to be a game-changer. It connects education institutions, agents, and students via a streamlined and automated platform that negates the requirement for manual data input across multiple systems. Instead, data is shared across the fully integrated ecosystem, saving valuable resources.

Moreover, the system incorporates third-party tech integration, encompassing functionalities like Google Maps and Docusign, thus decreasing workload and affording more time for other essential tasks. Users have the flexibility to pick and choose from the various modules on offer depending on their requirements, further contributing to a seamless and personalised software experience.

Speaking about the launch, Naresh Gulati, the CEO and Founder of Ascent One, commented, "We are thrilled to be launching the world's first ecosystem bringing together admissions, agent and marketing management in one place, for the very first time."

Gulati highlighted the benefits of having modules that can integrate with each other. This lends users a seamless experience that significantly reduces time spent on traditional manual tasks and eliminates data-sharing errors. This new system innovation provides a more economical solution and aids in additional revenue generation and savings by eliminating unnecessary touch points or the requirement for manual work.

Naresh Gulati continued, "Having modules that can also integrate with each other means a seamless experience for the users that drastically cuts down on time spent on traditional manual tasks, eliminates errors whilst sharing data, as well as providing a more affordable solution. Our technology will assist with additional revenue generation and also generate savings by eliminating touchpoints or the need for manual work. We are excited to be able to say we're truly changing the sector with this online ecosystem."

The platform will significantly boost efficiency as it easily integrates with a provider's internal systems to send or receive data. Moreover, staying compliant is no longer a worry, with the technology's capacity to generate a diverse range of embedded or customisable reports that support and track performance for providers.

Ascent One's launch of a novel ecosystem integrating admissions management, agent management, and marketing into one platform promises to revolutionise operations in the education sector. By streamlining processes, reducing manual tasks, and offering seamless integration with third-party technologies, this innovative solution is set to enhance efficiency, save resources, and drive revenue generation for education institutions. Ascent One's commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly software experience signifies a significant step forward in transforming the education industry.