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AIA & SAS team up to address Australia's data skills gap
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

The Analytics Institute of Australia (AIA) has joined forces with SAS, the global leader in data and AI, to tackle the notable skills shortage in data and analytics disciplines in Australia. This partnership aligns with the escalating demand for data-literate businesses, preparing AIA graduates to bridge the data gap within the industry.

AIA is committed to training future managers and leaders in analytics and business transformation and has carefully curated its courses to cover data extraction techniques that enhance decision-making practices. Central to their curriculum design, AIA has cooperatively integrated SAS's data, analytics, and AI solutions into the education process, offering students hands-on experience and knowledge.

Dr. Andrew Podbury, Chief Executive Officer of AIA, explained, "In response to the evolving data-driven business landscape, we've tailored our courses to meet pressing industry demands. Our strategic partnership with SAS is setting new educational benchmarks, ensuring students seamlessly gain SAS software proficiency through both technical and practical training."

The CEO added, "As our students enter the job market, they will have a significant advantage with deep SAS knowledge and experience. We have received excellent student feedback from our current cohort, underscoring the value of embedding real-world scenarios for SAS applications into the curriculum."

Students at AIA have expressed their confidence in such a comprehensive learning approach, affirming the benefits of having access to SAS analytic tools. Nguyen Yen Thai, an AIA student aspiring to be an Investment Analyst, commended SAS software as an essential component of his studies. Another student, Ishika Sharma, aiming to become an Information Officer, highlighted the software's user-friendly interface as a facilitating factor in her education journey.

According to the latest 'ACS Australia's Digital Pulse' report, by 2030, 1.3 million new technology skills will be in demand. Equally important will be the ability to work in diverse teams, adapt to changing conditions and implement user-centric solutions. AIA’s Bachelor of Analytics and Bachelor of Business Transformation courses are designed to satisfy these requirements by shaping graduates with a blend of technical and strategic skills in data science and modelling, as well as in maximising the value of AI tools.

Craig Jennings, Vice President & Managing Director of SAS Australia and New Zealand, articulates their joy in partnering with AIA. "With data, analytics and AI technologies advancing at a rapid pace, it's crucial we have a strong workforce equipped to creatively apply these in business, and across our vast industries."

Founded in 2020, AIA has a vision to become Australia's top institution for analytics education. They have succeeded in attracting students from 10 countries to their high-value courses aimed at meeting the industry's demand for a more diverse skill set that includes communication skills, adaptability and business acumen, along with technical expertise.

In conclusion, the industry is avidly seeking individuals with such comprehensive skills, as Phil Bolton, Chair of the Industry Advisory Board, Analytics Institute of Australia, notes, their new courses are devised to cater to this demand as they train students in conceptualising data-driven solutions that meet organisational objectives and yield positive business results.