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Adobe unveils innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud
Sat, 10th Jun 2023

On June 9, Adobe kicked off Adobe Summit EMEA 2023, its digital experience conference, by unveiling innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud, the customer experience management solution. The new offerings enable brands to deliver highly personalised experiences across any touchpoint while maximising operational efficiency.

“As enterprise businesses navigate through an uncertain business climate and price conscious consumers, consistently delivering engaging and personalised experiences will be paramount to accelerating profitable growth,” says Amit Ahuja, senior vice president for digital experience business at Adobe. “Our latest innovations empower brands to activate data in new ways that drive customer engagements, along with efficiencies and cost savings.”

“Global brands rely upon Adobe Experience Cloud to drive real business growth. Adobe Experience Cloud is the trusted choice of over 12,000 customers, including 87% of Fortune 100 companies, 74% of Fortune 500 companies and leading EMEA brands including Accenture, Adidas, Daimler Benz, Lufthansa, Henkel, H&M, Hugo Boss, Otto, Prada Group, Publicis, Real Madrid, Salomon, Santander, smart Europe, Stellantis, TeamViewer, TSB Bank, TUI Group and Volkswagen.”

Ahuja details all the innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Product teams now play a more significant role in customer experience, as new feature launches can often cement or derail user loyalty. Insights from product usage, however, are often disconnected from other teams. 

Product Analytics, now available to customers, provides self-service capabilities for product teams to understand customer adoption and usage. These insights are unified with data from other organisations, such as marketing through customer journey analytics (CJA), so the brand has a more comprehensive view of how a customer engages with a brand digitally. CJA customers, including General Motors, Otto, The Coca-Cola Company, TSB Bank and Warner Bros Discovery, work with Adobe to drive business growth through real-time insights.

Marketers are under increasing pressure to prove the impact of their campaigns. Still, the scale and fragmentation of modern-day marketing make it difficult to answer simple questions about where to invest resources. In travel and hospitality, for instance, brands struggle to define how an increase in paid search could impact bookings. 

With Mix Modeler, Adobe has an AI-powered, self-service solution helps teams accurately measure campaigns and drive planning efforts across paid, owned and earned channels. Insights are anchored in rich data from Adobe Experience Platform, augmented with external data sources from ad networks to social media platforms. Adobe is expanding access to Mix Modeler globally, working with brands to maximise the impact of every dollar.

“Adobe has reimagined Experience Manager so that users of any skill level can easily update content for their brand’s digital properties, delivering impactful experiences using popular tools such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Even without CMS expertise, teams can create, edit and publish all from the same document, with security controls to ensure only authorised users can make changes,” says Ahuja. 

“Adobe is expanding access to the latest Experience Manager offering for brands around the world, so that organisations can deliver personalised and engaging experiences with greater speed. Early adopters include Hanesbrands, PGA TOUR, Volvo Trucks and WESCO International, who are leveraging the new AEM to provide their organisations true content velocity and increasing experience delivery.”

Adobe also unveiled new advanced audience management capabilities in real-time CDP that will significantly accelerate the time it takes to deliver impactful, personalised experiences. Brands can now work with new data partners across the globe, scale first-party data with look-alike audiences, as well as automatically ingest existing audience segments from anywhere in the organisation - from data warehouses to CRM systems - into real-time CDP, with built-in governance and new management features such as the ability to surface the highest-value segments and enrich them with other data.

Powered by the Adobe Experience Platform, applications, including Adobe Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics work in concert with Real-Time CDP for brands to orchestrate omnichannel experiences and gain insights to improve continuously. Leading European brands, including AIDA, Henkel, EY, FC Bayern München, NatWest, Prada Group, PRISA Media, Real Madrid, and William's Racing, are leveraging Real-Time CDP to deliver personalised customer experiences in moments that matter.

Adobe previewed an AI-powered update to AJO, a next-generation journey management application used by leading brands to orchestrate one-to-one customer experiences across touchpoints such as web, email, mobile, SMS and offline channels. 

“An infusion of AI that includes an experimentation feature will provide brands with powerful testing capabilities to inform decision-making. Across any industry, brands can see the real-time impact of promotional offers or marketing content, as customers move between owned digital channels, in-store shopping, social media and more. Brands can lean on AJO as a central hub to drive their omnichannel strategy, ensuring that all campaigns and experiences they initiate work in harmony with real-time customer interactions,” concludes Ahuja.