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Machine learning
Interview: The Aussie security firm fighting cyber deception from the inside out
Penten’s Matthew Wilson speaks about advances in cyber deception and the growing importance of protecting information from hacks.
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The Dark Web: Is your company at risk?
Not only is information on a company’s assets available, but information about new techniques to compromise targets is for sale on the dark web.
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Power / Energy
Bloomberg: Li-ion batteries are poised for big gains in data center UPS systems
There is still a significant proportion of the market that will still continue to use VRLA, and lead-acid battery technology is also improving.
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Internet of Things
Staying ahead of the curve: Who benefits from cyber attacks?
General sentiment at present posits that reaching total protection is an illusion, says Phillipe Very.
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Security expert shares tips to help SMEs fight off cyber attacks
With high-profile firms in the headlines, does it mean that SMEs face even greater risk? And if it does, what can the smaller entities do about it?
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Managed Services
The 7 deadly sins of MSPs: Here’s what not to do…
Datto’s Nop Srinara offers up seven deadly sins MSPs need to avoid.
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Microsoft MD says NZ must “interrogate our assumptions” to encourage more diversity
“Diversity is not just a moral issue, it’s a business imperative.”
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How to secure clouds, apps & data without a performance hit
Organizations are collaborating and conducting digital business globally via hybrid and multicloud, and they’re interacting over social networks.
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The data space will grow - despite a decline in data center numbers
The number of data centers have been continuously increasing since 2009, but this is all about to change.
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4 things you need to know about Equinix in Australia
While we might be seen as the ‘land down under’ to the rest of the world, in reality, Australia is right in the heart of activity.
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To pay or not to pay; protecting your business against the rising threat of ransomware
f you think you’d elect to pay, there’s no better time than now to improve your security practices as you will become a target for further attacks.
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Could Blockchain technology disrupt everything?
Miners race to solve a cryptographic puzzle, which completes the next transaction (or block) on the chain, in hopes of capturing the coin reward.
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Need for speed: From the cloud to your desk - get more done in less time
Today, we work in a way previous generations could only dream about - always on the move, uploading, downloading sharing content in the Cloud.
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A 10 minute guide to decluttering & setting up the ideal workspace
If your workspace is making you feel anxious, stressed or generally disorganised it’s time to make a change, and you will be thankful you did!
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The reign of ransomware: How to protect your business from the ransomware onslaught
Don’t forget to scan your backups for vulnerabilities. It would be pointless transferring all your data onto a device that is always compromised.
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Schneider Electric
Facing pressure to build fast & cut costs - data center owners turn to prefab & DCIM
Now folks are learning that you may well be better off building at a slightly higher cost per MW, but in smaller chunks.
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Don’t boil the ocean: Taking the sting out of software license audits
Software audits have become even more complicated as businesses now need to track software in complex environments, like the cloud.
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Schneider Electric: What is Infrastructure Management as a Service?
Infrastructure Management as a Service – or IMaaS – is just such a game changer.
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Big Data
Aussie heath care & education: Transforming Govt. services with Big Data
Big Data can enhance student achievement by providing a wider view of the education system in Australia and increase institutions performances.
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Cybersecurity starts with training your employees
At the end of an education and awareness initiative, all users should be able to understand how to identify security threats & how to respond to them.
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When do you move your office to the cloud? – Gartner
While the adoption of cloud office is rising, it will never be universal due to many valid reasons that include security, privacy and vendor support.
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Goodbye HDD: Why 2017 is set to be the year of all-flash storage
We might look back on 2017 as the year the hard disk era finally gave way to the brave new world of all-flash solid-state storage.
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Studies find CEOs more confident about cyber security than CIOs
Australian CEOs are more confident about their organisations’ cyber preparedness as CIOs.
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IT Automation
NSP & Extreme Networks - two powerhouses ramping up NZ's cyber security market
What do Super Bowl XLVIII, the London Exchange, and a number of New Zealand’s largest City Councils have in common?