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Appian awarded billions in damages against Pegasystems Inc.
Appian has been awarded USD$2.036 billion in damages against Pegasystems Inc as the result of a jury verdict in the Circuit Court for Fairfax County, Virginia.
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Share and EFT platform moomoo launching in Australia
Share and EFT trading platform moomoo is launching in Australia, offering free analyst reports and level 2 US market data along with free brokerage for users in the first 90 days.
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Equinix part of Sustainable Trading network to reach ESG goals
Equinix is one of 30 founding members of a new Sustainable Trading network to develop best practices, benchmarking, and transparency in the trading industry.
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Digital skills could be the key to a salary boost in Australia
Digital skills could be a crucial factor in determining a salary boost, according to new RMIT Online research.
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Cryptocurrency trading in NZ below world average, but signs show increased awareness
A recent study has revealed that although cryptocurrency is still a growing market in New Zealand, the country's usage rate is still well below those of our overseas counterparts.
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TradeWindow and Mastercard collaboration set to strengthen cross-border trade relations
TradeWindow has partnered with Mastercard in a bid to increase access to trade finance and simplify cross-border payments. 
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Digital trade in APAC to enter 'golden age' over next three years - Deloitte report
Digital trade across Asia Pacific will be more digitalised and more sustainable as more small and micro businesses play a major role in driving cross-border trade.
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Digital trade pivotal in unlocking economic benefits for NZ, report finds
“If we can increase understanding through outreach programmes to MSMEs and SMEs and demonstrate the value of digital trade, we will begin to realise that the cost reductions are truly significant.”
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Singapore & UK Govts boost digital identity, cybersecurity & digital trade cooperation
The MOUs are designed to advance the two countries’ relationships in the three areas and make it easier for both countries to trade with each other.
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Capital raising
TradeWindow successfully raises $15M, continues to pursue APAC growth
"We believe there is potential for a steep uptake of digital solutions as Australasia’s largest exporters wean off out-of-date paper systems and on to digital solutions."
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NZ Government
NZ Minister for Trade and Export Growth welcomes Canada's interest in DEPA
"The DEPA comes at a time of considerable disruption to international trade and supply chains due to COVID-19, yet that experience has shown the value of our digital economy and digital trade."
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Frost & Sullivan: The four biggest opportunities in blockchain
All industry verticals will eventually be impacted to some degree, says F&S, but four areas are likely to see the biggest changes.
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Govt's digital trade deal good news for Kiwi business
Technology is the fastest growing sector in New Zealand and digital trade is especially important for the New Zealand economy."
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Why businesses are adopting electronic currency
Using electronic currency instead of cash means that users can continue to make purchases even when cash flow has slowed.
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Perth-headquartered telco Vonex to be listed on the ASX
According to Vonex, the ASX confirmed they would admit the company subject to the satisfaction of certain “largely procedural” conditions.
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Commerce Systems
Australia strengthens ties with 10 Asian countries to boost digital trade
“It will help share the benefits of a more inclusive digital economy."
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Data sharing
APEC says there's a balance between privacy and data flow for digital trade
“Every business operating in more than one area will tell you that data flows are necessary for even the most basic business functions."
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DHL trade data suggests South Korea’s tech boom will spur on growth
South Korea manufactures nearly 20% of the world's semiconductor market and more than 60% of the world's memory chips.
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Auckland Uni trading competition helps hone valuable real-world trading skills
This year’s competition was one of the most competitive and unpredictable, with eight teams all having an equal chance of winning close to the end.
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Security intelligence
Darktrace joins UK Prime Minister on trade mission to Japan
Darktrace EMEA CEO Poppy Gustafsson is one of a select group of business leaders accompanying UK Prime Minister on a trade mission to Japan.
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What the European election year means for Australian businesses
As election year starts to engulf many European countries, Australian businesses should start to consider how it will affect how they do business.
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WREDA says NZ's refreshed trade policy is good news for digital exports
WREDA chief executive Chris Whelan says the government's refreshed Trade Agenda 2030 policy is good news for the region and its digital exports.
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New data sharing deal to give Kiwi exporters China trade advantage
The deal with Chinese Customs gives Kiwi exporters a big advantage over other exporters to China.
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NZ Dollar
NZ dollar heads for 1.5% weekly gain after Fed's more cautious outlook on US economy
Federal Reserve gave a more cautious assessment of the US economy, prompting traders to pull back their bets that the US dollar would gain.