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Hands-on review: QuietOn 3 sleeping earbuds
If you’re a city dweller like me, you might be used to the noise of traffic waking you up now and again, especially if your apartment lacks air conditioning and the weather is as humid as it has been in Auckland this summer.
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Battery usage
Vertiv Asia launches flagship battery cabinet for data center UPS
The Vertiv HPL battery cabinet is ready to use with most current and legacy three-phase UPS system, marking the first of Vertiv’s offerings with the company’s own battery management system.
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Schneider Electric
Opinion: 5 aspects to understand about UPS battery backup
Schneider Electric's Atin Chhabra discusses the ins and outs of UPS battery backup and what to consider when implementing.
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Kokam says days are numbered for lead acid batteries in the data centre
The battery solutions provider says the lead acid option is unwieldy, require heavy maintenance, lasts less than 5 years, and has a large footprint,
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Edge Computing
Lithium-Ion batteries critical to reducing power management costs
Reliable and effective power management is essential to managing edge computing environments, but that is at risk from poor maintenance.
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Tablets & laptops
AU govt echoes HP's recall of potentially fiery laptop batteries
The ACCC has reiterated HP’s recall with one of its own in an attempt to get Aussie consumers to check and replace their batteries if needed.
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Interview: Vertiv VP says data centre energy usage to triple in next decade
Emiliano Cevenini says data centres need to invest in solutions to help them optimise their energy usage or risk falling by the wayside.
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Worried your phone is about to blow? Samsung launches software fix for Note 7
After a huge launch, the Note 7 was labelled by many (myself included) as Samsung's best phone yet - now they've launched a fix for the fiery issue.
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Android phone dying fast? Facebook might be the culprit
Facebook’s Android app chews through smartphone battery life at a rapid rate and significantly reduces performance, according to recent reports.
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The apps sucking the life out of your phone
The latest report from AVG Technologies reveals what the top apps are for draining battery life on Android devices.