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Zoom's AI companion now supports multi-lingual team communication
Wed, 28th Feb 2024

Zoom has expanded its language support for AI Companion, a generative AI assistant, in an attempt to facilitate better collaboration and communication amongst multilingual teams on the platform. Through the increased language support, the AI Companion now props up Team Chat in nine languages and Meetings in thirty-six languages. The AI assistant also offers automatic language detection.

This innovation has unfolded after AI Companion, offered free of any additional cost, was launched in September 2023. So far, in excess of 510,000 Zoom accounts have witnessed the activation of this AI assistant. These accounts have used AI Companion to produce more than 7.2 million meeting summaries.

Regarding the introduction of this novel feature, Mahesh Ram, Zoom's Head of AI, stated, "Global teams need AI that can work across languages. If you’re using AI to help improve collaboration and productivity, it’s critical that your AI supports a multitude of languages used by your global teams. For us at Zoom, this was a no-brainer. Making sure global teams can connect and work together more effectively is what we are all about.”

Significantly, this move is poised to enable teams across the globe to associate and cooperate more effortlessly. The importance of making technology more inclusive for modern businesses having a global footprint is gaining prominence with each passing day. With Zoom now supporting a multitude of languages across its platform, it has moved a notch higher in being helpful to businesses across the world.

In Team Chat, AI Companion now offers support in nine languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), and Japanese. Team Chat aids colleagues to connect asynchronously on the Zoom platform and streamline workplace communications. Users communicating in the aforementioned languages can use AI Companion for composing chats and summarising chat threads. In the days to come, more languages are set to be added to this list.

In meetings, AI Companion's summary and in-meeting questions capabilities now include support in a massive 36 languages. This helps global teams streamline collaboration and communication with increased efficiency. Besides, AI Companion can also automatically detect when supported languages are being spoken in a meeting and generate a meeting summary in the primarily spoken supported language. As a result, multilingual users are no longer required to remember to set the primary language to be spoken in the meeting beforehand.

The Zoom AI Companion, available for eligible paid Zoom user accounts without incurring any additional costs, is an engaging platform that has shown immense promise in enabling ease of communication, collaboration, productivity, and inclusivity for global teams..