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Vocus to deploy Ciena's WL6e tech for high-capacity, energy-efficient networks
Tue, 23rd Jan 2024

Vocus, a supplier of specialist fibre and network solutions, is planning to deploy Ciena's WaveLogic 6 Extreme (WL6e) technology, an industry-first coherent optic solution offering 1.6 Tb/s throughput. This move will satisfy increasing bandwidth demands and allow for enhanced energy efficiency throughout Vocus's wide and metropolitan networks.

WL6e is optimised for high-capacity transport required for next-gen routing data paths and corresponding wholesale services. It will support up to 1.6 Tb/s single-carrier wavelengths for metro ROADM deployments and 800 Gb/s-1.2 Tb/s over the long haul links. Not only will it help Vocus bolster its network to cater to unprecedented data load demands, but it will also enhance energy efficiency by limiting the need for equipment and space. Vocus is set to be the first network operator to adopt this technology.

Steve Haigh, Vocus's General Manager of Network Engineering, was enthusiastic about becoming the first network operator to adopt Ciena's technology. He announced plans to deploy this innovative solution across key locations in Australia, spanning from Brisbane to Perth via significant cities. Haigh emphasised the critical role of this technology, specifically WL6e, in meeting the growing demands of the cloud and artificial intelligence era. He highlighted the capacity provided by WL6e as instrumental for Vocus to serve both new and existing customers seeking success in this transformative period.

"We are delighted to be the first network operator to announce plans to adopt this exciting technology after partnering with Ciena to power our links across Australia, from Brisbane to Perth, via Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide," said Haigh. "We are at a significant stage in the cloud and artificial intelligence era, and WL6e will provide the capacity required for Vocus to meet the needs of new and existing customers looking to thrive in this transformative period."

According to Vocus, the deployment of WL6e articulates the company's commitment to creating adaptive and energy-efficient networks, essential in handling surging bandwidth demands.

In response to Vocus opting for Ciena's coherent optic solution, Matt Vesperman, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Ciena, highlighted the collaboration. He emphasised Ciena's strong reputation in optical innovation and its commitment to developing adaptive and energy-efficient networks. Vesperman noted that leveraging Ciena's expertise, combined with Vocus's goal to meet escalating bandwidth needs, will enable network providers to enhance the digital experience for customers while achieving greater economies of scale.

"Ciena's industry-leading pedigree in optical innovation combined with our drive to create adaptive and energy-efficient networks that address surging bandwidth demands is designed to help network providers like Vocus deliver a superior digital experience for customers with even greater economies of scale," stated Vesperman. 

Vesperman further added, "With the additional network capacity enabled by WL6e, Vocus will solidify its position as a leading carrier providing reliable and cost-effective connectivity across Australia and New Zealand."

Since its introduction in 2008, Ciena's WaveLogic coherent technology has demonstrated its merit by delivering 20 times more capacity over fibre and more than 85% reduction in Watts/Gbps for its customers, setting up a strong case for optical innovation in the market.