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Victoria's transport to be digitally transformed by HCLTech's innovative solution
Wed, 20th Dec 2023

HCLTech, a top-tier global technology firm, announced it has been chosen by the Department of Transport and Planning in Victoria, Australia, to digitally transform the passenger experience in a significant first for the nation.

Tasked with developing and maintaining a Concessions Entitlement Validation Platform (CEVP), HCLTech will streamline and simplify the concessions process for users of Victoria's public transport.

By offering immediate proof of concession entitlement and a user-friendly interface, the platform will allow passengers to manage their concession entitlement efficiently and enhance the experiences of both passengers and department staff. In a national first, the CEVP will also incorporate a feature to link concession cards with credit cards. This innovative addition will allow concession card holders more payment flexibility.

Over 605 million journeys are taken annually on Victoria's public transport network. A considerable 35% of these trips are embarked upon by concession card holders, including groups such as students, retirees, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. Consequently, the CEVP's smooth operation and extensive reach will significantly improve user experience across a broad sector of passengers.

HCLTech plans to leverage digital workflow orchestration solutions and agile development methodologies to launch the CEVP throughout Victoria. The company will also offer ongoing maintenance and customer-centric support and provide training for the Department of Transport and Planning employees.

Michael Horton, the Executive Vice President and Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand at HCLTech, emphasised their human-centric approach to solution design. He highlighted the significance of prioritising end users, particularly vulnerable individuals holding concession cards, in their technology solutions. The company aims to leverage technology to support this group and generate business value through this approach.

Michael Horton said, "Our human-first approach to designing a solution puts the end user at the front and the center. Over one in three Victorians travel on a concession card and some of them are among the most vulnerable in the community."

"HCLTech knows that it is important to get this right, using technology to support this cohort while also unlocking business value," said Michael Horton. 

HCLTech is home to more than 221,000 people across 60 countries, delivering capabilities centred around digital, engineering, cloud and AI, powered by a broad portfolio of technology services and products. HCLTech works with clients across all major verticals, providing industry solutions for Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Technology and Services, Telecom and Media, Retail and CPG, and Public Services. 

HCLTech continues to lead the charge through its innovative solution for Victoria, Australia's public transport, in a world of increasing digital dependence. By putting the user at the forefront of its design and development, the company is showing a commitment to technological advancement and improving the lives of concession card travellers across Victoria.