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Veeam launches new ‘Availability Console’ for partners

15 Nov 17

Veeam has announced the immediate availability of its new ‘Availability Console’, a free management console for service providers delivering Veeam-powered services.

The solution is designed to more efficiently manage, track and invoice for these services, which includes Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS).

Veeam says the console will expand opportunities for resellers and new managed service providers (MSPs) looking to launch a managed backup service business to capture new revenue streams.

Asanga Wanigatunga, Veeam APJ senior director for the global cloud group says, “Veeam is very focused on building enterprise-grade features in order to help our customers address more complex use cases and business problems.

“We also understand, however, what service providers want is not just enterprise-grade features but also service provider features – this is what VAC brings to the table and is the start of this product strategy," he says.

"Service providers want automation, multi-tenancy and APIs to programmatically drive the platform and this is the Veeam Availability Console.”

The solution can also be used by distributed enterprises operating in an IT service delivery model and wanting to offer efficient, centrally managed backup, data protection and disaster recovery services across a distributed multi-cloud environment.

This includes on-premises or private cloud, public cloud, remote and branch offices (ROBO), as well as mobile or home workforces.

The company says the solution maximises margin, profitability and productivity for service providers and distributed enterprises through centralised management and monitoring of backups and replicas in a multi-tenant, Web-based portal.

Danny Allan, Veeam vice president of product strategy says, “Veeam is dedicated to our 16,700 service provider partners who are delivering BaaS and DRaaS services to their customers.

“Veeam Availability Console makes it easy to deploy, manage and monitor all of their customers’ Veeam-powered services, whether they provide Availability for applications and data in the cloud, in a virtual environment, or on a physical server or laptop,” he says.

“Our strategy is to make it as easy as possible for our partners to provide valuable and profitable services to their customers, and the release of Veeam Availability Console is part of delivering on that strategy.”

According to Veeam, the solution simplifies delivery, management and monitoring of IT infrastructure, which has grown more complex thanks the adoption of cloud

The company says it allows Veeam service providers to add value by provisioning, managing, and monitoring Veeam virtual, physical, and cloud solutions for their customers.

This is designed to enable partners to generate new revenue streams by offering fully-managed BaaS and DRaaS alongside their traditional business lines.

According to Veeam, Key features of the Availability Console include;

  • Simplified customer onboarding: providing the ability to centrally provision and manage all customers in one place.

  • Remote network discovery of customer environments: to deploy Veeam’s virtual, physical and cloud-based Availability solutions.

  • Supports virtual, physical and cloud-based servers and endpoints;

  • Remote management and monitoring of Veeam backups and replicas: delivered for customers in an all-in-one dashboard view.

  • Tracking, billing and invoicing: to ensure complete, real-time visibility of consumed resources, with white-label invoices;

  • Self-service management: including status monitoring using a multi-tenant portal by partners and end customers;

  • RESTful API: designed to easily integrate Veeam Availability Console functionality into existing management portals and workflows, and automating common management tasks.

David Howden, Umbrellar Head of cloud says, "As Veeam’s largest Veeam Cloud and Service Provider in ANZ, the introduction of Veeam Availability Console allows us to place greater power and value in the hands of Umbrellar customers.

"Veeam’s commitment to developing tools and supporting its partner's businesses empowers them to support an Always On product suite for their customers. We can’t wait to introduce Veeam Availability Console to our Veeam-powered cloud solution customers."

Veeam Availability Console license is free and fully supported for Veeam Cloud and Service Provider (VCSP) partners.

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