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Uber and Splend partner for reducing emissions in Australia
Fri, 14th Oct 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Uber Australia is committed to becoming a zero-emissions platform by 2040, when every ride taken on the platform will happen in an electric vehicle (EV), bike or scooter, or public transport. 

That’s why in partnership with Splend, Uber is bringing 500 premium EVs to Australia and making them available for driver partners in New South Wales (NSW) to own, with the majority delivered before year's end and the remainder arriving early 2023. 

When EVs are in short supply in Australia, this deal will make it easier than ever for rideshare drivers to switch to EVs. 

Eligible driver partners in NSW can sign up for one of 500 premium Polestar 2s via Splend’s popular flexi-own plan. 

To encourage the transition to an EV, Uber and Splend are offering NSW driver partners several incentives, including a 50% reduction in Uber's service fee [up to $6,000 annually].

Splend will provide access to special pricing for an at-home charging solution, and offer subsided weekly pricing to driver partners on Splend's flexi-own plan. 

Once they sign up with Splend, driver partners also get immediate access to drive a brand-new Polestar 2 without the need for traditional finance.

Moreover, Polestar 2s meet the requirements for Uber's Comfort and Premier products, which means driver partners can unlock increased earning potential. All this is in addition to the savings from never paying for petrol again.

The arrival of these 500 EVs onto NSW roads will be the catalyst to launch Uber's much-anticipated Comfort Electric product in Sydney early next year. 

Comfort Electric will enable Australians to get around town while being a part of the climate solution, with all rides taking place in 100% zero-emissions EVs. 

Users can select Comfort Electric to request a ride in a premium EV like a Polestar 2 or Tesla when booking a ride. 

“We know there are many barriers for Australians when it comes to driving an electric vehicle, not the least being limited supply and the cost of the car itself,” says Dom Taylor, General Manager of Uber Australia and New Zealand. 

“With this partnership, we are building new pathways and making it easier than ever for more driver partners to go electric.”

“At Uber, we can have an outsized impact in accelerating the transition to zero-emission transport. When rideshare drivers switch to electric vehicles, they realise three to four times greater emissions savings compared to average car owners. This is so as rideshare drivers use their vehicles more frequently,” Taylor adds. 

“We believe that the future of transport is shared and electric, and we’re thrilled to soon offer Aussies a greener ride around town with Comfort Electric.”

Chris King, Founder and CEO, Splend, adds, “Splend’s purpose is to accelerate humanity’s transition to zero emission mobility, and we have an ambition to help one million drivers globally make the switch to electric vehicles over the next ten years. This partnership with Uber Australia marks the start of what will be a rapid acceleration of EV adoption in Australia over the next few years and further solidifies Splend as a key global vehicle partner. The win-win offering empowers drivers to make the switch and allows Aussies to choose electric when they ride with Uber.”

This landmark deal between Uber and Splend was made possible by an unprecedented collaboration between the public and private sectors. Splend was the largest recipient of the NSW Government's Drive Electric fleets incentive, securing $1.8 million in funding, which has helped facilitate the company's acquisition of the largest active fleet of Polestar 2 EVs in Australia. 

“Australia's transition to electric vehicles is a priority at all levels of government. We're encouraged to see this kind of collaboration in the private sector that is bringing more EVs to city streets, and faster," says Matt Kean, MP, NSW Treasurer and Minister for Energy. 

“The NSW government is proud to have worked with Splend as a recipient of our NSW Drive Electric Funding program, and we look forward to seeing more rideshare trips happening in EVs in the months and years ahead.”

Since 2015, Splend has partnered with Uber to get driver partners behind the wheel of eco-friendly and affordable cars in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

With joint investment from Uber and Splend, this partnership eases the cost and vehicle supply barriers that rideshare drivers currently face in switching to an EV. This collaboration is a significant step toward unlocking electric-shared mobility for all Australians.