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Tata Consultancy Services launches TCS GoZero Hub with Macquarie University
Mon, 22nd Jan 2024

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Macquarie University have announced the launch of the TCS GoZero Hub, a pioneering research and development centre established to aid Australian organisations in their journeys towards achieving net zero carbon emissions. This innovative partnership merges TCS' industry leadership with Macquarie University's education and research prowess in a move deemed crucial in the effort to move closer to climate goals.

The inaugural TCS GoZero Hub is designed to convert insights into real action, aligning with the focus areas highlighted at COP28. This comes at a time when the transition away from fossil fuels, despite having been unanimously agreed upon by world leaders, faces numerous challenges which must be tackled expeditiously.

The GoZero Hub is set to deliver a range of solutions, among them accelerating the shift to clean energy through research in electrification and renewables, tackling carbon dependency with carbon capture and management strategies, championing nature restoration, promoting circular design and green finance, as well as addressing climate resilience.

While solidifying its commitment towards a sustainable future, the TCS GoZero Hub will double up as an academic platform where graduate researchers get a chance to interact with industry mentors. The central themes of COP28 stand as the main building blocks of the GoZero Hub; it seeks to draw together multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted approaches and ideas across industry and academia to drive research and innovation. Its primary aim is to facilitate the transition to a net-zero future for enterprises, governments, and communities across Australia while taking into account both nature and people.

Girish Ramachandran, President of TCS Asia Pacific, expressed his delight at the launch of the initiative, saying: "Innovating to build sustainable futures is something we are extremely passionate about at TCS. We are pleased to launch the TCS GoZero Hub in partnership with Macquarie University. We are joining forces to create a leading hub of research, innovation, education and solutions that will enable informed decision-making as we move towards a net-zero carbon future."

Professor S. Bruce Dowton, Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University, stated: "Macquarie University is committed to undertaking world-changing, impactful research and to generating new knowledge through research and innovation that supports transformational sustainability. Our partnership with TCS and the launch of the TCS GoZero Hub will amplify our impact in exciting new ways as we help address the global decarbonisation challenge and create a more sustainable, just and equitable society."

The TCS GoZero Hub drew commendation from Dr Andrew Charlton MP, Federal Member for Parramatta at the recent TCS Summit Asia Pacific 2023, who said, "Australia needs to bring together its technology and innovation skills to become a sustainability leader and a significant contributor to a net-zero future. We commend TCS and Macquarie University for leading the charge with the launch of the TCS GoZero Hub."

Supporting the TCS GoZero Hub will be TCS's comprehensive suite of over 200 sustainability services and solutions designed to accommodate and cater to different industry requirements. The Hub will play a significant role in the anticipated journey towards a sustainable future, positioning Australia as a global leader in the net-zero race.