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SoftBank and NEC offer new business-oriented mobile network service
Wed, 9th Aug 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

‚ÄčNEC has announced that it will contribute to the provision of a highly reliable and business oriented mobile-network-powered access service of which SoftBank is planning to offer business customers in Japan.

Deemed ‘Twin Access', the access service effectively uses two mobile network connections to maintain a state of constant, active connectivity between NEC line terminal equipment, the NEC Agater AG2521, and center-based devices that employ virtualization technology.

According to NEC, by utilizing Packet Copy Capsuled (PCC) technology that is developed in joint collaboration between SoftBank and NEC, the new service will be able to enable to improved transmission quality with higher packet arrival rates than conventional single mobile line systems, enabling more stable communications.

Vice president of the Network Division at SoftBank, Takenori Kobayashi says the offering is unique largely because of its high quality of service, Twin Access can be used at locations where optical fiber lines are not provided or as an alternative to metal-wired lines such as DSL or digital access.

"In addition, by utilizing the unique features of mobile networks, such as their freedom from cable installations, Twin Access makes it possible to build flexible, economical, short-term networks; such as temporary networks for use at construction sites and event venues,” says Kobayashi.

Senior vice president at NEC, Toshiya Tsuji says they're excited with what the future holds.

"NEC is very pleased to be able to contribute to the provision of SoftBank's Twin Access service," says Tsuji.

"PCC communication technology is enabling us to ensure constant transmission, and to achieve stable and highly reliable communications that are necessary for effective business practices everywhere."

The two companies plan to conduct field trials towards the full-scale launch of Twin Access as a commercial service by October 2017. SoftBank aims to begin offering the new service in Japan as part of the access lineup for its "Smart VPN" VPN service.