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Samsung leading the future of Pro Display technology with partners
Fri, 22nd Dec 2023

Below, Phil Gaut, Senior Director and Head of Division – Display, Brand and Memory at Samsung Electronics Australia, delves into Samsung's Pro Display offerings and how it collaborates with channel partners.

Transforming business environments

Samsung’s Pro Display division, renowned for its LED and Digital Display solutions, recently unveiled the 55” OHA-S Outdoor Display. Tailored for varied outdoor conditions, this product features enhanced brightness and performance, ensuring crisp content in virtually any lighting. The division also leads with innovations like the IWB 'The Wall' and IAB 'The Wall' LED Displays, offering seamless canvases for vibrant visual expressions.

Collaborative partnerships

Samsung’s strategy for bolstering its IT channel is multifaceted. Investing heavily in display technology, the company has established a new B2B Showroom, offering resellers and customers an immersive experience in product innovations and services. Additionally, Samsung's team dedicated to generating business leads for resellers accounts for about 50% of its pro-display business, fostering robust partnerships. Their Vertical Market focus, with a dedicated End User Sales team, further enhances support for channel partners.

Capability enhancement

The Pro Display division at Samsung boasts numerous partners, including Cisco and Logitech, enhancing remote and hybrid work models through combined technological strengths. A notable instance of this synergy was Samsung's provision of LED display solutions to the Ken Rosewall arena, significantly enhancing the fan experience with durable, vibrant displays suitable for various lighting conditions.

Competitive edge

Phil Gaut highlights Samsung’s Pro Display's unique positioning, emphasizing its adaptability to different environments, technological excellence, and immersive experiences. The company's focus on innovation translates into a range of vivid and seamlessly integrated display solutions, further differentiated by their sleek, modern design. This strategic approach positions Samsung as one of the leaders in the professional display market.

A technological marvel

Samsung's OH55A-S Outdoor Display stands out as a testament to the company's innovation. Designed for superior outdoor performance, it features high visibility, protection against physical impacts and weather conditions, and advanced technology like the MagicINFO Player S7. With a range of connectivity options and compliance with various standards, the OH55A-S embodies Samsung's commitment to delivering high-quality, versatile display solutions for businesses.
Samsung Electronics Australia, under the leadership of Phil Gaut, is poised to continue its trajectory of innovation and excellence in the professional display sector. Through strategic partnerships, a commitment to sustainability, and a focus on cutting-edge technology, Samsung is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of the professional display market and maintain its status as a market leader.

*IP56 (Ingress Protection Rating): Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IEC 60529). IP56 rating means that the device is protected against dust and strong jets of water with limited ingress under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test results, individual results may vary. IP56 rating does not mean that the device is impervious to water damage in any situation.