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SafeSend available to VIPRE partners

08 Jun 2020

Channel partners can now offer VIPRE SafeSend as a value-added billable solution to their customers to help reduce accidental data breaches.

Business reliance on email is a significant cybersecurity risk, as email is the number one threat vector in organisations and the cause of nearly all data breaches.

As well as the growing frequency and sophistication of phishing attacks, incidences of employees sending an email to the wrong address or with the wrong attachment can also pose a risk to the privacy of sensitive data.

Employee error is the largest cause of data breach or leakage. 

Since January 2020, over 4,000 COVID-19-related domains have been registered globally, with 3% discovered to be malicious and 5% suspicious. 

Resellers can play a vital role as key advisers to their end-user customers on ways to reduce risk by staying up to date with mitigation tools, allowing organisations to provide employees with these tools to help prevent breaches caused by user-error.

VIPRE highlights these issues in a release that describes its SafeSend offering as an offering that can help prevent such breaches.

SafeSend is an Outlook add-in used to prevent misaddressed email or inadvertent autocomplete email mistakes by requiring the user to confirm external recipients and file attachments before an email can be sent. 

The solution encourages the employee to stop and check twice before sending, helping to improve awareness of the threat of cyber crime and therefore minimise sensitive data leakage, the release explains.

In addition, the preventative function of SafeSend aligns with GDPR, helping to support a business’ compliance efforts.

VIPRE channel partners can now offer SafeSend as a value-added billable solution to their customers. 

The solution can be set up to display corporate branding, link to an organisation’s email security policy and display messaging to reinforce secure email usage. 

SafeSend is scalable and easy to deploy and offers a full audit log capability.

“With businesses now working from home where they can, it’s never been more important for them to mitigate threats, prevent accidental data leakage and ensure their staff are securely remote working. Resellers play a critical role in educating customers in this area and SafeSend is an invaluable tool as a constant reminder to be vigilant and as a result, reinforces security awareness,” VIPRE Security UK general manager Andrea Babbs says.

“SafeSend's accolade of New Software Solution of the year at the Computing Security Awards 2019 also demonstrates how resellers can be confident in the solution, as it has proven itself to be a critical tool in highly regulated sectors and those that deal with sensitive and personal data such as healthcare and finance, where a single data leak can cost millions in reputation damage and fines."

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