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PwC offers up Melbourne Cup analytics

03 Nov 15

Feel the need for some horsing around today? Want some techie tips for the Melbourne Cup, or perhaps to know your ‘horsey name’?

PwC Australia’s Insight Analytics team and the PwC Experience Centre have paired up and gone completely digital to bring us an ‘interactive and personalised experience of the Melbourne Cup’.

The company has crunched the numbers to come up with the top picks for this year’s race, as well as offering up different top picks based on different modelling techniques.

If you’re a fan of linear regression, it’s Fame Game that leads the way, followed by Preferment and Criterion.

If machine learning is more to your taste Fame Game and Preferment are still leading the charge, but its Trip to Paris who takes third spot.

And if, like many of us, it’s all about the best name or gut feel, who can look past Gust of Wind, or Max Dynamite. Fame Game sneaks in third.

PwC admits it has no specialist knowledge of horse racing and information on the web site shouldn’t be relied on. But hey, it is Melbourne Cup day…

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