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Persistent and AWS extend generative AI development in strategic endeavour
Wed, 10th Jan 2024

In an effort to advance the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), Persistent Systems and AWS have confirmed their plans to accelerate the development of generative AI solutions.

Aiming to establish fresh benchmarks for efficiency, technological progress and innovation, Persistent states it will leverage its Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS to harness added resources directed towards use case discovery, proof of concept builds, and solution launches.

Persistent has an existing history with AWS, having gained the long-standing AWS Partner title through its early adoption of generative AI across various industry verticals.

The digital engineering leader utilises innovative services such as Amazon's CodeWhisperer and Bedrock to aid rapid application building across over 15 coding languages and the creation of scalable generative AI applications respectively.

AWS will help Persistent to amplify the generative AI benefits provided to its clients, by giving access to additional resources for proof of concept builds. This will facilitate use case discovery and rapid development of solutions supplemented by AWS's go-to-market funds.

Clients will have the added advantage of early access to AWS's generative AI services, expediting business growth, improving time-to-market, and enhancing customer experience, the company states.

Building on Persistent's 30 years of software engineering heritage, more than 120 AWS engagements for cloud migration and modernisation, the collaboration will ensure flexible and scalable generative AI-powered solutions tailored to clients' unique needs, according to a statement.

Persistent's Migration Competency status and AWS Migration will provide the requisite cloud expertise for smooth transitions of complex migration projects. This combination emphasises Persistent’s proficiency in creating robust cloud infrastructure, a significant aspect in today's cloud-first, AI-first scenario, enabling customers to implement cloud-driven generative AI solutions.

The Vice President of Research IT at Regeneron, Quan Yang, acknowledged the game-changing possibilities that generative AI presents, particularly for the life sciences industry. He stated that Regeneron is modernising "legacy research applications to help accelerate the drug development process and simplify workflows. With Persistent's Digital Engineering expertise, powered by the AWS platform, we can bring new life-saving drugs to market faster."

Rajiv Sodhi, Senior Vice President - Hyperscaler Business & Strategic Alliances, Persistent, remarked on the transformative potential of generative AI, saying that it invites enterprises "to reimagine, redefine, and rethink their business models for improved customer experiences and business growth."

He added, "AWS will help us scale generative AI adoption among our clients so they can identify and implement use cases where this technology can have a real impact. We remain committed to helping clients reach their technology goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and rapid innovation that AWS provides."

Chris Sullivan, the Vice President of Worldwide System Integrator Partners at AWS, expressed the shared goal of redefining the potential of generative AI, setting new standards for "efficiency, innovation, and technological advancements."

With this strategic collaboration, AWS and Persistent continue their journey in reshaping the role and impact of generative AI in the global AI sector.