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New Zealand's Projectworks reshuffles executives ahead of global expansion
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

New Zealand tech startup Projectworks has announced significant modifications in its executive leadership team as it prepares for extensive international expansion. The company has globally positioned itself through strategic leadership appointments, capitalising on consecutive years of growth surpassing 100%.

Projectworks has initiated a significant organisational change with the appointment of US-based Mark Orttung, an experienced software executive, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Orttung's leadership role will be instrumental in driving overseas growth, with the primary focus being on enhancing the company's footprint in the US market, the world's largest national economy.

Meanwhile, the firm's founder and previous CEO, Matthew Hayter, is transitioning to the role of Chief Product Officer and President. The new leadership structure is designed to stimulate and guide the firm's global growth trajectory. In the words of an insider from the company, "When Kiwi startups have category-winning growth in their sights, such growth usually implies that the right fuel may be located off-shore".

Adaptability and open-mindedness appear to be fundamental strengths of Projectworks' dynamic approach as the insider explained, "In the case of Projectworks, we're all in on it. The opportunity we have is far too important to let ego or shortsightedness get in the way".

Gearing towards the fulfilment of its international growth targets, Projectworks is actively hiring additional team members across the United States, New Zealand and Australia. These appointments aim to perpetuate the company's ongoing momentum and aid in creating a thriving global consulting industry. By extension, the firm strives to make a significant impact in improving our environments and raising the quality of life universally.

Orttung's tenure as CEO and Hayter's shift to the CPO and President role will energise the company's strategic vision. This repositioning will serve as a catalyst for the company's bid to claim a sizable market share in the international arena, particularly the vast and competitive US market. Through these changes, Projectworks continues to underscore its commitment to progressive growth and its mission to deliver innovative solutions that contribute extensively to global development.