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Nebula calls for tech sector to foster co-opetition for ESG success
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

In the pursuit of ESG success, technology channel services company Nebula has issued an expert-informed call, urging members of the technology sector to step away from traditional business competition, embrace a more cooperative approach, and share knowledge in the emerging field of sustainability. This strategy alteration is seen as fundamental in enabling a more significant and collective effect, according to Nebula's latest report, ESG Unwrapped: Building a Sustainable Channel Community.

The report brings together the perspectives of various experts in sustainability from the technological sector. It stresses the need to rethink guarded interactions and competitive behaviour that have so far characterised ESG strategy discussions— practices that otherwise block organisations from realising the business advantages ESG can bring. The experts insist that the formula for an effective ESG strategy involves an increased level of collaboration, co-opetition, and knowledge sharing.

Richard Eglon, Nebula's CMO, advocates for a more cooperative ecosystem in the tech sector to cultivate ethical and sustainable value chains. He notes: "It's great that so many channel organisations have ESG strategies in place. However, we need to break free from traditional channel business rules and become more aligned, working together."

Other experts call attention to the need for innovative thinking in ESG strategies. Oliver Mason, Managing Director at KOcycle, underscores that "ideas that best serve the planet and the people within it should not be seen as USPs, but as knowledge that can be shared," thereby reinforcing the sense of wider collaboration.

Jenny Latimer, Head of Alliances and Operations at Highgate IT Solutions, presents a unique lens, viewing the era as an opportunity to disregard the usual competition. Latimer imagines a scenario where the whole community can make a valuable impact in the spirit of cooperation. She says: "Now is the time for collaboration and support. What do you want your legacy to be?"

The ESG Unwrapped report, which was unveiled today, intends to be a guiding beacon for SMEs, helping them navigate through the complex realm of ESG strategy. The report elucidates the range of advantages ESG offers, outlines legal aspects to consider, and provides a solid 10-step guide to help fence-sitting SMEs get started with their sustainability journey.

Eglon emphasizes the role of the report in providing stand-alone support to SMEs in their ESG journey: "We know it's hard for SME companies to even know where to start with ESG. There's so much jargon and confusion around the topic, and with no real framework set up by the government, we think there's a need for reliable, trusted information about the best route to success. That's why we gathered some of the key experts in the field of ESG and produced this report."