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MEGA selects SugarCRM to optimise sales & enhance user conversions
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

Global web services firm MEGA has selected SugarCRM to enhance its sales automation as part of its strategy to improve user conversions from free to paid versions. MEGA, a cloud storage and file hosting service provider, is based in Auckland, New Zealand and boasts over 298 million registered users and 10 million daily active users across over 200 countries. To date, MEGA has protected an impressive 156 billion uploaded files.

SugarCRM is a CRM software that helps marketing, sales, and service teams reach peak efficiency through better automation, data, and intelligence to achieve a real-time, reliable view of each customer. Sugar's platform provides expert technology in the sales automation, marketing automation, and customer service fields with one goal in mind: to make the hard things easier.

The strategic collaboration with SugarCRM is set to bolster MEGA's efforts in tracking leads and optimising opportunity conversions. Such sales automation processes will better enable MEGA to engage with users more effectively and enhance customer loyalty. MEGA will utilise Sugar Enterprise, a highly scalable on-premises sales automation solution provided by SugarCRM, as part of this strategy.

Since its establishment in 2013, MEGA has been centred on the security, privacy, and performance of cloud storage and sharing technologies. The company's commitment extends beyond just providing a secure and private space to store, share, and exchange information. MEGA is also on a mission to raise global awareness about the importance of encryption and data security, continuing to develop and deliver leading end-to-end user-encrypted cloud products and services.

The SugarCRM partnership is set to play a crucial role in MEGA's planned growth. In ensuring a smooth transition, MEGA worked closely with Sugar partner throughout the CRM selection and evaluation process. This collaboration provided expert guidance and support to optimise workflows to meet MEGA's business needs throughout the CRM's implementation.

Ross Delaney, MEGA's Chief Marketing Officer, expressed contentment with the choice of SugarCRM, describing it as the ideal CRM solution for their business. He stated, "Sugar is the perfect CRM solution, meeting our business's need for a scalable, sales automation solution that will help us drive exceptional experiences for customers worldwide who rely on MEGA to protect their data and respect their data privacy."

Adam Frank, SugarCRM's Vice President and General Manager, APAC, reciprocated the enthusiasm, expressing pride in the new partnership. He emphasised the significance of millions trusting MEGA with their data and highlighted SugarCRM's commitment to assisting MEGA in growing and maintaining client relationships.

Frank said, "Millions of individuals and businesses trust MEGA to store and protect their data in the cloud, and we're proud that MEGA has entrusted SugarCRM with its business to grow and nurture its valued client relationships. Sugar will make the hard things easier for MEGA in automating and accelerating sales processes to exceed customer expectations in every interaction while delivering a superior customer experience that fuels business growth."