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MayTek stays ahead of the IT movement with Hosted Network
Wed, 26th Aug 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Western Sydney based IT solutions company, MayTek has been in operation since 2005, equipping businesses with quality IT resources to ensure a reliable, productive and secure workplace.

MayTek is focussed on building long term partnerships with clients and is committed to streamlining their workforce and helping them on their road to success.

With a mission to provide proactive and meaningful support, MayTek aim to improve all facets of the workplace through smart and innovative IT solutions.

Acknowledging the significant costs associated with Desktop as a Service (DaaS), MayTek went searching for a partner who could provide the infrastructure for the services they desired...

Initially meeting with Hosted Network's managing director, Ben Town, and cloud channel manager, Meryl Palma, there was an “instant connection” says Damon May, MayTek's managing director.

“We were enticed to the people first of all, then the technology after - they [Hosted Network] had an understanding of what we wanted to achieve… the gut feeling straight away was that these guys were the ones that we want to do work with”, says May.

Working with partners and acting as extended members of their team, Hosted Network has built its foundations upon long-lasting, fruitful relationships that thrive on partner growth and success, May continues, “There was an appreciation of our background and where we came from, as well as a willingness to work with us which has been carried throughout our relationship.

Staying ahead of the IT movement

Recognising the benefits in selling cloud services through the Hosted Network Partner Program, May is confident that “having a point of difference to our [MayTek] competitors has been a big advantage… we aren't just ‘the IT guy', we want to work with our clients and be their partner and grow their business with them.

May acknowledges that while he had no hesitations, “the only hesitation was from our client perspective and how they would react”, he pauses, “there is always a level of concern as we are potentially putting our eggs in the one basket - but this is where the relationship between us and Hosted Network is important and they have been super receptive to that.

Working towards a complete cloud service offering

It was discussions around Desktop as a Service that initially enticed MayTek to Hosted Network, however Hosted Network's continual acquirement of new services has allowed MayTek to continually grow, May says, “it has allowed us to evolve, and stay ahead of our competitors in terms of offering new services to our market… it gives us the opportunity to have competition against larger competitors.

Hosted Network implement all its services internally, and encourage partners to follow suit and experience the benefits associated with the solution they are selling. MayTek implement VoIP internally and list the savings associated as a stand out benefit.

“I looked at our phone bill and thought this is a ridiculous amount of money, then I received a notification about what Hosted Network could offer - the email came at the perfect time!” May refers to MayTek's transition to VoIP as “seamless” and credits workplace flexibility as adding serious value, “We're not having to have a phone system here. All the benefits we sell to our clients is something we are experiencing.

Overcoming challenges

When prompted for the biggest challenges associated with selling cloud services, particularly in the DaaS space, May identifies education and awareness as the two biggest influencers. “Remember, it's still very new for our market, we actually need our competitors to lift their levels of professionalism.

May highlighted staff education as another challenging aspect ofselling cloud services, he stated, “the only thing that could have been seen as a challenge is bringing our team up to speed, but with Hosted Network's focus on education we don't have to worry about that.

Hosted Network implement group training sessions for all its partner's staff as well as educational webinars and vertical specific targeting resources.

Committed to communication and relationship building, Hosted Network strive for all partners to feel confident in the solution they are selling and assured of their technical knowledge.

The business benefits

By adopting cloud services, organisations are able to expand and better accommodate to the needs of their clients as well as target new verticals.

May lists legal firms, conveyancing organisations and manufacturing companies as key industries MayTek boasts within its clientele, “we focus on professional services, they understand the service we provide because their business management is essentially the same as ours.

The Hosted Network and MayTek partnership is one of the most desirable business benefits as May says, “that's the other attractive part, Hosted Network are a small focussed team, they understand that they need to do the hard work and when it's needed, it's done. There is no ‘I'll have to get back to you'”.

The preferred cloud provider

MayTek have evolved their service portfolio to meet the growing needs of their clients as well as generate significant and predictive recurring revenue for the business. “Would I recommend Hosted Network? Absolutely!” exclaims May.

Hosted Network prides itself on its partner's success and equipping organisations with the resources to prosper and build an enticing offering.

With a team committed to providing the best in sales, marketing and technical resources, Hosted Network create insightful and successful relationships, May continues, “having the ability to maintain the relationship is something that is super important to me and super important to MayTek - it's how we do business with our clients it's nice to know Hosted Network understand this process.