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MapR adds Apache HBase to free online training as big data booms

By Heather Wright, Thu 6 Aug 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

MapR has extended its free Hadoop on-demand training program to include the Apache HBase design and development curriculum.

Justin Bock, MapR ANZ manager, says the free training classes are open to IT professionals, including resellers, and can lead to HBase certification.

Bock says the company has seen ‘amazing’ momentum with the free Hadoop online on-demand training.

“Now we are adding a complete Apache HBase design and development curriculum that will provide courses that can lead to HBase certification.

“This will allow developers – including professionals in the channel industry who need to train on these new skills to sell big data solutions – to deploy complex operational applications on a Hadoop data platform.”

Bock says with Australia facing an increasing shortage of IT skills, he’s also encouraging Australian students to apply for the new courses.

“HBase certification is highly valuable in the market and students of our free Hadoop on-demand training can earn credentials on their own schedule.”

Those doing the free training can also receive a $500 credit to Google Cloud Platform resources for completing lab requirements.

MapR says for having Hadoop experts in house can be ‘very useful’ for resellers needing to advise clients about the big data strategies they need to implement to create business value from their data.

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