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Major developments at Techday to open up APAC to advertisers

By Ashton Young, Wed 25 Jan 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

After a flurry of rapid expansion, Techday has made some major changes.

So often we write about digitisation, digital transformation, business mobility and other such terms, which is why it’s no real surprise we began to think about how we ourselves could become more agile.

Previously, our digital account managers were assigned their responsibilities using a geographical scope. For example, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore would all represent different roles.

The digital era has brought the world closer together and has made physical locations less relevant, which is why we've hired more account managers and allocated them not on geographical areas, but rather on select subjects of the tech spectrum.

Using ITBrief as an example, while we will still maintain our niche publication model to remain relevant to the region, just one account manager will now be focused solely on opportunities to market to ITBrief readers (IT Managers & CIO's at large enterprise and government organisations) across the Asia Pacific, whilst working with a team of editors dedicated to writing only for that brand.

This will strengthen and refine our publications in a number of ways, including:

  • Opens up the entire Asia Pacific for all of our advertisers
  • Ensures that you will almost always be dealing with the same person related to your business interests
  • Establishes accustomed faces for each brand e.g. ITBrief, ChannelLife, DataCenterNews etc.
  • Ensures that all the content published on each site will be written by experts on the matter

Techday publisher, Sean Mitchell says these changes will help to keep Techday well and truly in the digital era.

"We're incredibly excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for Techday,” Mitchell says. “Our goal is and always has been to be the most agile publisher in the Asia Pacific, and thus far I think we are certainly achieving that.”

The digital-only transformation has seen Techday working with a savvy new breed of marketing managers throughout the Asia Pacific region, who themselves have already made the transition to digital-only marketing.

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