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LG Electronics Australia partners with Care Messenger to transform elderly care
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

In response to Australia's ageing population, LG Electronics Australia has announced a new partnership with Care Messenger. This development aims to significantly transform how families and aged care institutions engage with the elderly, providing a much-needed innovative communication solution.

Care Messenger, the most recent addition to LG's Technology Partnership platform, was created specifically for aged care residents. It provides a user-friendly interface to facilitate communication, thereby bridging the gap in conversation and enhancing the overall customer experience in the aged care industry.

The introduction of Care Messenger supplements LG's ongoing commitment to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the transformative needs of the aged care industry. The company is striving to become a Smart Life Solutions Company.

Available exclusively on LG Hotel TV products, Care Messenger has been crafted to empower aged care residents to engage and access the ever-evolving realm of mobile communication technology tools with ease. This innovation offers a lifeline of social connections for residents, simplifying communication with staff and loved ones, thus contributing to an enhanced customer experience.

The advent of Care Messenger underscores LG's commitment as a Smart Life Solutions Company, providing innovative solutions to meet the dynamic demands of the aged care industry. This is particularly pertinent given the prediction that the number of Australians over 65 will double within the next 40 years, with the proportion of those over 85 set to triple.

Chris Wilson, Head of Information Displays at LG Electronics Australia, discussed the Care Messenger initiative: "At LG Electronics, we identify unique technologies to enrich our customers' lives. We are thrilled to offer Care Messenger to Australians to improve the resident experience in facilities equipped with LG Hotel TVs. Our overarching Technology Partnership platform greatly enhances the impact and experience of LG customers."

Care Messenger, designed with a keen understanding of the TV as a familiar piece of technology for the elderly, provides a stress-free platform for carers and families to interact with aged care residents. This service encourages families to maintain contact seamlessly thanks to a free and easy-to-use app available for download on mobile devices. Users can send messages, photos and videos directly to their loved ones via the free and user-friendly Care Messenger app.

Beyond fostering social connections, Care Messenger facilitates easy coordination and communication between connected devices through the management portal. This enables staff to communicate directly with residents and monitor the activity of connected devices. It allows organisations to share updates on staffing, events, visitors, and even catering directly to the residents, ensuring they are informed about the day's activities.

The new affiliation between LG Electronics Business Solutions and Care Messenger ultimately makes communication more effortless than ever for families and aged care residents. This marks a significant leap towards catering to the changing communication needs of the aged care industry, aiding LG Electronics' goal of becoming a Smart Life Solutions Company.