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Kingston Technology retains top spot in 2023 SSD market share
Wed, 13th Mar 2024

Global memory products and technology vendor, Kingston Technology, has successfully retained its number one headway, managing to secure a 23.8% market share in the channel SSD market for 2023. Kingston's consistent delivery of high performing SSDs and meticulous customer support are credited as playing essential roles in maintaining the corporation's stronghold in the sector.

Data procured by TRENDFOCUS reveal Kingston as the leading client SSD vendor in the channel for unit market share, recording an impressive shipment of 27.4 million client SSDs in 2023. Amidst challenging market conditions, Kingston successfully shipped 5.7 million SSD units in Q4 alone, attaining a remarkable 21.3% client SSD market share for the same quarter.

The technological pioneer's unwavering commitment to the evolution of quality client drives such as the NV2, along with two options of Kingston FURY Renegade SSD, and KC3000 offering a PCIe 4.0 NVMe solution, have paid off. These drives cater to a wide spectrum of user requirements, stretching from the simple upgrader to power users who require more from their systems. Kingston also broadened their differentiated product range in 2023, introducing the XS1000 external and DC600M enterprise class SSDs.

Kingston credits its niche in the market partly to its customer-centric approach. Solidifying their industry presence, the corporation provides exceptional customer support services directly via the very engineers and experts who design their products. This best-in-class service model not only enhances reliability, but it also ensures customers receive the highest level of technical assistance.

Don Jeanette, vice president of TRENDFOCUS, commented on the market trends saying, "As the year came to an end, SSD sales for PCs remain strong, with continued growth in the PCIe NVMe space. We'll see this develop more through 2024". Kingston then shared that its collaborative approach with suppliers, customers, and partners permits it to stay adaptable as market conditions and customer requirements shift.

Kingston continues to work towards offering a robust SSD portfolio to the channel client space that ably meets their needs. The corporation added, "We strive to present the latest SATA and NVMe solutions and these findings confirm our commitment to that effort." By consistently delivering on its promise and demonstrating unwavering dedication in its pursuit, Kingston Technology maintains a firm grip on the SSD market for another year. This achievement denotes another milestone in Kingston's journey, underlining the corporation's unrelenting drive to cater to, and consistently meet, the full spectrum of its customers' needs.