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Introducing... EnterpriseChannel Asia

We're proud to announce the launch of Asia's first region-wide ICT channel news website.

Covering channel trends, distributor and vendor news, product launches, analyst insights and expert opinions, EnterpriseChannel Asia will provide insider news to IT channel partners.

By channel partners we mean resellers, ICT consultants, system integrators and the distribution community. As the name of the site implies we will be focused on business and enterprise products and channel partners, avoiding the retail and consumer channel entirely.

"Finally IT vendors will have one vehicle to communicate with channel partners across the whole of Asia, from Singapore to India. We really understand the channel, having run channel sites in both Australia and New Zealand for many years. We're truly excited that this mammoth project is about to see the light of day," says Sean Mitchell, Techday publisher.

Our target countries for recruiting readers are in order: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

This reader recruitment process is already well underway with over 2,000 partners already signed up. You can join the email newsletter for here.

At this stage we will be providing our news in English. We have plans to expand to Japan and China, as well as add language support in the future.


You can join the email newsletter for here


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