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Hands-on review: ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 PLUS
Tue, 23rd Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Who hasn't wanted to own a powerful vacuum cleaner that fits perfectly into the design of their home?

The world leader in robotic services, ECOVACS ROBOTICS, wanted to fulfil this desire,  and recently launched its new vacuum cleaner and broom, DEEBOT X1 PLUS.

This robot vacuum is part of the DEEBOT X1 family that the company launched a few months ago. The intention of this portfolio was to create a high-end family of home service robotics, fit for multiple uses.

The new device includes several innovative features previously used in the DEEBOT x1 OMNI, and these features make it a state-of-the-art robot and one of the most complete robots I have ever seen.

To configure the robot, you will need to download the application and scan the QR code on the DEBOT X1 PLUS. Everything is very well explained, and you just have to follow the steps that appear on the screen.

It really doesn't take much time, and once it is configured, you can control the robot from the app.


A showcase of innovative beauty and an enduring appeal, DEEBOT X1 PLUS has been designed by JACOB JENSEN DESIGN, the world-famous industrial designer.

Silver and black are neutral colours that allow this robot's clean and simple design. Its colours, shape, materials, and details make it fit in any home and integrate easily into your interior decoration.



The device can mop completely autonomously and has very high cleaning performances, with an incredible suction rate of 5000PA. ECOVACS has created the highest suction power in this robot, which is linked to an oscillating Mopping system (OZMOTM Pro 3.0) for a guaranteed spotless result on the floor. The robot also has a deodorizer that allows it to finish the cleaning in beauty.


ECOVACS aims to provide an unparalleled experience through innovative obstacle avoidance and high-performance mapping.

It uses AIVI 3D technology which relies on high-precision laser and visual detection to avoid all obstacles the robot may face.

But ECOVACS decided to go further by using TrueMapping 2.0 technology to speed up the mapping and increase the field of view: the result being faster and more accurate cleaning.
The robot can also ultrasonically detect carpets, tangles and the dust canister; it's perfect for large areas that have hard floors and carpeting at the same time.


You don't need to empty the dustpan after each cleaning. Instead, it opens automatically into a 3.2L dust bag (which represents about 60 days in an average home). In addition, allergens and dust are contained in a fully sealed dust bag with a drawer. The station-rated power is 1000W.

Voice Control 

The voice assistant, called YIKO, can be used to access most of the robot's functions, and you can precisely control and guide your vacuum cleaner thanks to an integrated interactive assistant. You can ask your robot to build a complete map, then vacuum or clean where you want as well.

This new solution from ECOVACS sets the benchmark for automated cleaning technology, and home and business users alike will be wowed by its advanced technology and power.