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Hands-on review: BenQ ScreenBar Plus

Thu, 6th Oct 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

If you work in front of a computer screen for hours, you've probably experienced eye strain.  

Sometimes you would like to have just a little more light, but then it becomes too bright, making your eyes glaze over as you become even more tired.

Today, we look at the BenQ ScreenBar Plus, a product that could be the perfect solution to these problems.


The BenQ ScreenBar Plus is an electronic reading lamp with many exciting features. 

It gives you complete control over the light emitted, such as its intensity, angle and type. 

The light can also be adjusted automatically, thanks to a built-in dimming technology that allows it to adapt to any time of the day.

Whether manually or automatically, you can be sure that you are working in the right conditions.


The ScreenBar Plus is delivered in a beautiful package with an operating desktop dial, a patented clamp, and a cable to connect to a USB socket. You also receive a user manual, installation notes ‚Äčand a warranty.

The dial allows you to set up the light as you want and easily switch between brightness and colour temperature. 

On it, you can also choose to put the automatic mode. Another cool feature is that the light has a built-in ambient sensor that detects ambient light and dims it.

The dial and bar are ergonomic and come in black and silver for a design that can match any desktop and computer.

This ultra-wide light can illuminate many things in the same place, from your screen to your desk.

Thanks to the internal reflective panel and its curvature, the light provides a balanced illumination that won't cause a reflective glare on the screen.

In addition to its unique asymmetrical optical design, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus saves you the space that was taken up by traditional lamps. 

You no longer need to clutter your desk because the bar hangs on your monitor. 

The counterweight of the patented clamp allows it to stabilise without damaging the screen.

The clamp design allows you to put the light bar on all screen sizes, such as flat and dual monitors.

To accommodate everyone in any situation, there are 15 brightness levels and eight different colour temperatures, all following ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. 


The BenQ ScreenBar Plus has a lot of functionalities to discover. Being able to control the light type and intensity are features that make this product unique.

If you need a lamp but don't want to strain your eyes, you should definitely try this product.

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