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Hands-on review: Arlo Go 2 security camera
Thu, 11th Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Arlo Go 2 4G and WiFi security camera is their most versatile security camera. They report that the “.. Arlo Go 2 4G LTE/Wi-Fi Mobile Security Camera provides intelligent monitoring wherever it's needed most.

4G and LTE remain the most popular ways of moving data quickly. To test it out, I inserted a SIM card in the Arlo Go 2 camera. This meant both WiFi and mobile connection. There is also a slot for a micro-SD card. This is a great back-up option, ensuring triple-redundancy. Even if WiFi and your mobile network fail, you will still have a back-up. How much is stored will depend on the size of the SD card you install.

Once connected to your WIFI network, you have the security of knowing that if your site loses power, your Arlo Go 2 will simply switch to your cellular network. Let's say you have your precious motor bicycle collection stored in a warehouse. With a camera that records 1080p FHD video, which Arlo tells us makes details visible even at night, “thanks to colour night vision enabled by an integrated spotlight.

Ideal for keeping an eye on construction sites, remote properties, caravan or boat storage locations, vacation homes and other areas that may not be regularly occupied, Arlo Go 2 delivers 100% wire-free security with a swappable rechargeable battery and weather-resistant design. Connectivity via a 4G LTE cellular network with failover capabilities ensures continuous protection when the power is out or when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.

The camera records clear 1080p FHD video and makes details visible even at night, thanks to colour night vision enabled by an integrated spotlight. Clear, two-way full-duplex audio allows users to communicate with visitors while a built-in siren, triggered remotely or automatically, allows them to ward off intruders. GPS positioning helps users easily pinpoint one or more devices placed across an expansive area, like a construction site or multi-acre property, or in the event of theft.

Arlo's AI subscription-based service, Arlo Secure, works with Go 2 to provide users with a robust suite of smart features and alerts. Users will receive a complimentary, three-month Arlo Secure trial for a more personalised, intelligent surveillance experience.

The Arlo Go 2 has some nifty features that will assist you when your site is remote.

Object detection: Will let you know if that's a package at the door or just a stray animal checking out the place.

Activity Zones: Highlight areas in your camera's view where you want to receive or ignore motion and sound alerts.

Quick Response: Lets you choose from Mute Notifications, Activate Siren, or Call Friend.

Video History: Lets you review what has been happening.

Integrated Spotlight: This feature means that your late-night visitors will be captured in living colour.

As you can imagine, my own needs for security are home-based. My private jet and luxury yacht are both imaginary, so all I am left to protect is my humble abode. I have my cameras mounted inside, so charging batteries is a simple affair. Remote users will most likely wish to connect to AC power, but the battery life ensures long intervals between charges.

Arlo Secure is a paid subscription plan that adds cloud back-up for your videos and several other features, including animated previews, person, package, vehicle and animal detection, and other features when your camera is connected to AC power. Paid plans start at $4.99 a month for a single camera and 2K resolution. You have 3 months to trial the plan when you purchase the camera.

I am impressed with the features of the camera, with its ability to notify you even if WIFI goes down or is non-existent. The built-in SIM and SD Slots mean you can access information even if WIFI and mobile connections have failed. This built-in redundancy will give prospective purchasers peace of mind.

I did wonder what would happen if your Arlo Go 2 was taken. Arlo is a step ahead, with GPS location tracking available via the Arlo Secure App.

The retail price is around $489. In my humble opinion, Arlo Go 2 offers security for anyone needing to keep a remote eye on prized possessions or premises at different locations.