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GlobalLogic announces intent to acquire US-based Mobiveil in strategic move
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

GlobalLogic, a digital engineering leader under Hitachi's umbrella, has declared its intent to take over the United States-based Mobiveil, an embedded engineering services firm specialising in its field.

This strategic acquisition is expected to broaden GlobalLogic's expertise in embedded software, integral to developing new digital products and services within critical industries such as semiconductors, automotive, media, MedTech, and high tech.

The acquisition will also provide GlobalLogic immediate access to an extensive pool of skilled talent befitting the industry. Furthermore, it enables the augmentation of GlobalLogic's embedded engineering Centers of Excellence (CoEs) through integrating Mobiveil's mature embedded engineering CoEs, operating effectively in five locales across the US and India. It's understood this will complement GlobalLogic's existing CoEs situated in Central and Eastern Europe.

Nitesh Banga, CEO of GlobalLogic, expressed enthusiasm about the significant opportunity presented by the collaboration between GlobalLogic and Mobiveil. Highlighting both firms as innovative entities with extensive expertise in serving top global brands, Banga emphasised that this strategic move is a testament to their dedication to meeting changing client needs and fostering a highly skilled talent base.

The acquisition marks a commitment to collaborative growth and shaping the industry's future. Banga expressed excitement about the prospect of Mobiveil joining the GlobalLogic family and the potential for both companies to co-author the next chapter in their industry journey.

Nitesh Banga said, "This is an incredible opportunity to bring together two innovative firms with highly experienced talent serving many of the world's top brands."

"This strategic move underscores our commitment to meeting evolving client demands and cultivating a highly skilled talent pool. We're excited to welcome Mobiveil into the GlobalLogic family and look forward to writing the next chapter in the industry together."

The partnership will enhance GlobalLogic's capabilities across embedded software, hardware, and ASIC technologies. Ravi Thummarkudy, CEO of Mobiveil, embraced the merger enthusiastically. "Our journey with GlobalLogic began as a collaboration, and it is now evolving into an integration that will bring immense value to our clients," Thummarkudy said.

“We are happy to join forces with GlobalLogic, a highly respected name in Digital Engineering and a part of the Hitachi Group. This acquisition offers Mobiveil the opportunity to become part of GlobalLogic’s unique culture and to expand our capabilities and collaborate on new, innovative projects."

"We look forward to leveraging this partnership to deliver cutting-edge solutions and elevate our industry impact," Thummarkudy concluded. 

Following the acquisition, the three co-founders of Mobiveil, Ravi Thummarukudy, Gopa Periyadan, and Srinivasan Duraiswamy, are set to join the GlobalLogic Leadership team. Their addition and skills are anticipated to enhance the overall effectiveness of GlobalLogic's capabilities, synchronising the two companies' ethos and objectives to produce a more diverse and efficient global entity.

The merger will bring together the strengths of both companies and cement their combined position as a digital force.