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FUJIFILM unveils Revoria XMF PressReady to boost digital print workflow
Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific has announced a digital print workflow automation solution designed to revolutionise print production and increase productivity. The innovative system, Revoria XMF PressReady, is designed to accommodate the growing demand for customisation, shorter runs, and faster turnover in digital print production.

Digital printing is widely used for packaging, books, brochures, leaflets and cards, among other applications. As customisation requirements and demand for small-scale jobs increase, there is a need for solutions to streamline production and enhance efficiency through automation.

Revoria XMF PressReady is designed to handle diverse print jobs, accepting inputs from web-to-print, print management information systems (MIS) or customer-supplied PDF files. The software manages these requests with speed and precision, offering several key benefits:

Intelligent Process Automation:

Revoria XMF PressReady automates labour-intensive and repetitive tasks through the use of pre-set prepress processes defined by specific conditions. This reduces the need for manual intervention and allows press operators to focus on crucial parts of the production process. The software can be customised according to the specific requirements of each customer, ensuring flexible and swift handling of various products, small print runs and speedy turnover times.

Centralised Printer and Job Management:

Revoria XMF PressReady allows operators to manage job requests and monitor printer statuses on a unified platform. This real-time monitoring of job status and effective management of print jobs improves overall work efficiency by reducing the need for frequent operator checks on individual devices.

Hybrid Digital & Offset Print Production:

The solution works seamlessly with the established FUJIFILM WORKFLOW XMF systems, making it an ideal tool for businesses offering hybrid printing services. It enables effective management of both offset and digital print production within one workflow.

Integration with Revoria Flow Print Server:

Used in conjunction with the Revoria Flow Print Server, Revoria XMF PressReady forms a robust platform that automates the print job flow from the order intake right up to the final product. The system introduces a new level of work efficiency and reduces errors in digital print production.

Revoria XMF PressReady is not just a simple and flexible solution. It offers a powerfully efficient workflow system for both hybrid and print service providers. By automating processes and streamlining production, it saves valuable time and minimises errors in the workplace.