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Fastly accelerates Edge adoption with new partner ecosystem
Mon, 7th Mar 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Fastly, Inc. has announced the launch of its Compute@Edge partner ecosystem to help customers address modern infrastructure requirements.

The partner ecosystem will assist Fastly's customers in building various edge computing use cases to meet the demand for crucial requirements for modern digital experiences.

Fastly says that by allowing partners to tap into the scale, performance, and security of its Compute@Edge technology to extend their platforms, this ecosystem helps boost developer productivity and mission-critical digital transformation.

Additionally, Compute@Edge was recently recognised as a Leader in the Forrester New Wave™: Edge Development Platforms, Q4 2021 report with a differentiated rating, the highest possible score, in six criteria, including developer experience, platform execution model, and security.

"By combining Fastly's edge computing and serverless platform with our identity management solution, our customers can build secure access to any application, for any user, as close to end-users as possible," Auth0 ( a product unit within Okta) product senior vice president, Cassio Sampaio says.

"This is a win for our joint customers that need increased risk mitigation and reduced time to implementation, and demonstrates the value of our collaboration for providing the vetted and valuable integrations that matter to developers."

The company says this combination of benefits is unique and gives current and future partners an advantage when integrating their products and services at the edge to meet developer expectations and needs better.

Furthermore, developers can feel confident that all of the integrations in this new partner ecosystem have been pre-validated and tested to make it as seamless and secure as possible to establish.

Fastly adds that this means it enables safer, faster, more engaging digital experiences for internet users.

"Fastly's Compute@Edge is a reliable platform with an easy developer experience that, when paired with Optimizely's experimentation platform, helps teams build better ways to meet end user expectations and quickly generate value from their digital presence," Optimizely product architect Danny Driscoll says.

In addition to integrations for major cloud service providers, Fastly says developers can utilise each of the following Compute@Edge partner ecosystem solutions:

  • Backend integrations (Backblaze and Storj): Combining decentralised and globally distributed storage architectures with Fastly's Compute@Edge means customers can deploy high-performance content at the edge without added complexity, high egress costs, or vendor lock-in.
  • Database pairings (Fauna, Macrometa, Upstash): Developers can build faster, more personalised experiences at the edge using Fastly's Compute@Edge integration with globally distributed databases. Combined, these technologies allow customers to keep logic and data as close to end-users as possible while minimising global latency.
  • Developer tooling and experimentation (Glitch, Edgemesh, Optimizely): Whether remixing projects or running digital experiments, developers need the tools that meet them where they are. Compute@Edge integrates with a number of developer tools to help get sites running quickly, simply, and with the added performance of a robust edge network.
  • Logging and monitoring endpoints (Datadog, New Relic): Understanding how an application or website is performing is critical for ensuring optimal end-user experiences. By combining real-time data from Compute@Edge with data from logging and monitoring endpoints, customers benefit from robust, instantaneous feedback into web and app performance.
  • Security solutions (Auth0, Source Defense): Security and access control are top priorities for app development teams. Compute@Edge integrates with identity access management, authorisation and client-side security solutions to help developers mitigate risk and keep users safe.

"Fastly's industry-leading Compute@Edge technology presents businesses with a whole new opportunity to modernise the way applications are built," Fastly CEO Joshua Bixby says.

"It was important to us to make it easier for developers to take full advantage of edge computing use cases and benefits, so we built this integration ecosystem featuring sophisticated solutions that empower innovation at the edge without leaving speed, safety and performance behind. We're excited to see what our customers can do by harnessing Fastly's powerful serverless environment with our partners' world-class platforms and services."

Fastly says it improves the internet experience by giving people and organisations more control, faster content, and more dynamic applications.

The company's international customers include Pinterest, The New York Times, and GitHub. Australia and New Zealand customers include Freelancer, Kogan, Linktree, Nine, NRL, Radio New Zealand, Seven Network, Trademe and Vodafone.

"These new integrations will enable Fastly to provide our Australian and New Zealand partners and customers with access to a roster of powerful integrations designed to help customers build a variety of edge computing use cases. We're committed to offer developers the flexibility to build applications and integration with industry leading technologies in the partner ecosystem to extend their platforms." Fastly ANZ Head of Channels and Partnership Alan Chan, ANZ says.