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F5 helps defend against sophisticated bot attacks on AWS

F5 has announced Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers now have access to F5's high-efficacy AI-driven bot protection through an easy-to-deploy connector.

The announcement comes as malicious bots are on the rise. 

In Australia, automated attacks doubled in frequency between July 2021 and June 2022. Many of consumers' favourite sites, logins, and applications are crawling with them at this very moment. They wreak havoc on customers and organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand and impose high financial costs. When confronted with attempts to stop them, bots quickly retool and resume their attack.

“The bot problem is ongoing and every time we have a mitigation in place, they mutate. F5 keeps us a step ahead by constantly adapting to changes in the bot attack patterns,” says Kamal Kalra, Director of Operations for the eCommerce company VegNonVeg. 

The company currently uses F5 distributed cloud bot defence on AWS. 

Amazon CloudFront customers can now further protect their apps with one of the world's most accurate bot detection solutions, with a pre-built integration via a connector to F5 distributed cloud bot defence. Using rich signal analysis, AI and human domain expertise, customers get high-efficacy bot mitigation with industry-leading false positive rates.

“The threats faced by organisations in ANZ are growing in frequency and sophistication. Bot management is front-of-mind in ANZ as a result of several recent, high-profile attacks. As expectations for digital experiences continue to grow, so too does the attack surface,” adds Jason Baden, Vice-Present, Australia and New Zealand, F5. 

“F5 distributed cloud bot defence combats this threat, while ensuring the ability to manage AWS workloads in the in a constantly changing environment.”

F5 distributed cloud bot defence provides critical functionality for CloudFront. It prevents Account Takeover (ATO), credential stuffing, inventory hoarding, and gift card cracking, stopping debilitating automated bot attacks while maintaining access for customers and the good bots that help drive their business.

As a result, customers can increase security for their applications without adding friction. 

In addition, they can limit the fraud and abuse that results when fake accounts are created or existing accounts are used to commit fraud. Not only are customers able to better defend their brand, but they can provide end users with safe, seamless, and secure experiences with improved uptime and app performance.

“We knew we had bot traffic, but F5 helped us see how much of our traffic was from bots and how it was affecting us. By mitigating these bots, without impacting customers, they’ve helped us bring down infrastructure costs significantly,” notes Kalra.

“At AWS, we are customer-obsessed, therefore it is critical that we provide customers with secure, reliable, performant, and scalable solutions,” says Nishit Sawhney, Director of Product Management for Amazon CloudFront at AWS. 

“ISVs like F5 provide enhanced security services in areas like bot management that, when combined with Amazon CloudFront, provide our customers a layered security solution.”

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