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Exclusive: How AI Voice Integration is evolving with SecureCo
Tue, 27th Feb 2024

In the rapidly evolving telecommunications and technology sectors, SecureCo has emerged as a hub of innovation, particularly with the advent of generative AI transforming customer service paradigms. Joshua McAdam, COO at SecureCo, shares insights into how these trends are influencing their offerings, particularly with the integration of artificial intelligence to enhance customer experiences.

The development of AI has been a significant trend, with generative AI products like ChatGPT leading the charge. "The rapid development of AI has been the biggest trend impacting our industry," McAdam explains. SecureCo has responded to this demand by developing tools that bridge existing customer service technologies with new AI capabilities, ensuring a seamless integration that improves overall customer satisfaction.

One of SecureCo's landmark innovations in 2023 is the Intelligent Voice Gateway, part of their Intelligent Voice Platform (IVP). This product stands out as a vendor-agnostic solution enabling voice-based communication with AI Virtual Agents, Chat Bots, and AI-based Speech Services. McAdam highlights the uniqueness of this offering, stating, "Intelligent Voice Gateway is changing the customer experience by facilitating more personalised, natural, and intuitive interactions with AI Virtual Agents or chatbots."

This technology represents a significant leap forward from the previously clunky and slow interactions that plagued AI-based customer service. The Intelligent Voice Gateway orchestrates these interactions in real-time, making conversations flow naturally, which is a critical innovation in making AI interactions more human-like.

SecureCo's product suite also includes the new Intelligent RevOps and Call Analytics solutions. The former is a billing-as-a-service solution aimed at systems integrators and managed service providers, allowing for the generation of additional recurring revenue through the sale of IVP-based solutions.

While SecureCo does not produce AI technologies, its Intelligent Voice Platform is a testament to the company's commitment to integrating AI into the broader technology ecosystem within a brand's contact centre. This approach has opened up new opportunities in customer demand for AI chatbot integrators and advanced voice recognition capabilities, catering to a market that seeks sophisticated solutions to complex problems.

The shift towards hybrid and remote work has further underscored the importance of SecureCo's solutions. McAdam notes, "New working trends have reinforced our vision to be a single point of integration for our customers." This vision is critical in a landscape where remote contact centre agents require compliant and accessible platforms that support an extensive customer experience technology stack.

On the channel strategy front, SecureCo has sharpened its focus on selling through system integrators and channel partners, continuously refining its go-to-market strategy to bolster its growth and the success of SecureCo's solutions.

Reflecting on the company's trajectory, McAdam shares, "It’s been a momentous year for SecureCo. Our Intelligent Voice Gateway solution is set to revolutionise the end-customer experience." With expansion into the US and a growing network of partners, SecureCo is poised for further success. McAdam proudly states, "We are Australian owned and understand the Australian market back to front, offering local customer support."

As SecureCo navigates the shifting landscapes of technology and customer service, its commitment to innovation, customer experience, and strategic growth positions it strongly in voice orchestration, both in Australia and internationally. With a focus on enhancing and personalising customer interactions through AI, SecureCo is not just keeping pace with industry trends but is setting new benchmarks for what is possible in the realm of telecommunications and technology.