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Employment Hero boosts SME support with Google & Microsoft integrations
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Employment Hero is enhancing its capacity to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by introducing new automations on Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. These innovations are designed to streamline the hiring process, making it more efficient for SMEs that are under increasing pressure to attract and retain top talent.

The Australian-founded employment management platform's latest feature automates the setup and deactivation of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 accounts for employees. This aims to alleviate administrative tasks, particularly for SMEs lacking IT resources. It is a move that brings businesses significantly closer to achieving a smoother and prompter onboarding and offboarding method.

The newfound provision attempts to address the escalating talent shortages faced by businesses, as reported by 82% of hiring leaders in the past year. The need to ensure a swift and smooth hiring process has become more acute, and these new integrations are a step towards making hiring as easy as a 'one-click' action.

Dave Tong, CPTO and Co-Founder of Employment Hero emphasised the company's goal of facilitating businesses to hire with the single click of a button. "We are easing unnecessary burdens placed on IT departments and tackling the pain of software provisioning and management," he said. He further pointed out that this could potentially save organisations hours of time each week, given their rate of hires.

Tong went on to mention how the company is dedicated to simplifying the management of SMEs by continuously seeking ways to minimise time expenditure, administrative tasks, and financial costs. "We are all about making life easier for those running and managing SMEs. We are constantly thinking of ways to save them time, admin and money, and our continued investment across R&D allows us to do that and keep on doing it."

"These new integrations with Google and Microsoft will make it even easier for Employment Hero users to manage their teams safely and securely, while running and growing their businesses," he reiterated.

The new automations follow a prior integration with Slack, which made it more effortless for managers to acknowledge team members and boost employee engagement. This underlines Employment Hero's determination to create a multifunctional tool for SMEs, which they can utilise to manage their domestic and international workforce.

These advancements come on the heels of the company's announcement last week that it now processes over AUD $100 billion in payroll globally and serves approximately 20% of Australia's private businesses. Furthermore, Employment Hero's employer of record service, known as Global Teams, is now accessible across 144 countries.

Employment Hero continues in its pursuit to make employment more manageable and valuable for everyone by partnering with superior software from around the globe via open API integrations. Other integrations that work with Employment Hero include Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks, among many others.