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Dicker Data partners with Ocean Impact Organisation to transform our oceans
Fri, 20th Aug 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Dicker Data has officially partnered with Ocean Impact Organisation (OIO), Australia's ocean impact innovation ecosystem and startup accelerator to help transform ocean health.

The partnership will see Dicker Data sponsor the inaugural ‘Ocean Monitoring Spotlight Award' in The Ocean Impact Pitchfest 2021 with a $10,000 cash prize that includes major exposure through OIO and their networks.

According to the company, the Ocean Monitoring and Data Spotlight Award is closely aligned with Dicker Data's commitment to supplying Australia's IT requirements through its 6,900 technology resellers and partners across Australia and New Zealand.

Dicker Data states the company is dedicated to unlocking the power of data for organisations across the country and will encourage this working with OIO.

The Ocean Impact Pitchfest 2021 is OIO's annual global initiative calling for applications from startups and businesses across the world with innovations that can help transform ocean health.

Pitchfest aims to discover and celebrate the innovations and innovators with the passion, drive and potential to have a significant impact on improving the planet's oceans, the company states.

This year's Pitchfest campaign offers a total cash prize pool of $150,000 with an additional $150,000 of products and support from OIO and their partner network.

This year will also see the debut of the HP Generation Impact Incubator with HP Australia supporting a dedicated prize and support package for a young (35 and under) Australian innovator on a mission to transform ocean health.

According to the organisation, 70% of the earth's surface is covered by ocean and the aquatic wonderland beneath the sea contains vastly more habitable space than the terrestrial landmass populated by humans.

Dicker Data cofounder and non-executive director Fiona Brown says, “The ocean plays a vital role in supporting millions of animals and ecosystems across our planet. Without a healthy ocean many species and biospheres will suffer and risk extinction.

"We're proud to be investing in the future of our planet in partnership with Ocean Impact Organisation. We're particularly pleased to be supporting the integral award category that promotes innovation in data science to accelerate change and build a platform that will support the proactive monitoring of our oceans.

Ocean Impact Organisation cofounder and CEO Nick Chiarelli says, “The first step to being able to improve the health of the ocean is having the data to understand the current state and be able to monitor changes.

"At OIO we are passionate about the enormous potential of startups and entrepreneurs to innovate and scale new approaches to monitoring the ocean and bringing what is ‘out of sight' to the front of our minds.

Chiarelli says, “Ocean Impact Organisation is gaining lots of traction and mainstream support to help us towards our goal to accelerate 100 ocean impact startups in five years and to put Australia ‘on the map' as a global exporter of ocean solutions.

"It's fantastic to have commercial partners and funders eager to support OIO to generate tangible and meaningful impact.