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Dell Technologies unveils enhanced AI-ready data platform
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

Dell Technologies has launched two innovative components for its all-flash storage portfolio — Dell PowerScale F210 and F710. The latest additions are expected to provide customers with next-level, high-performance file storage systems to effectively handle extremely compute-intensive workloads. PowerScale's cutting-edge OneFS software integrates federal-grade security features and multi-cloud agility, setting the stage for an enhanced AI-ready data platform of exceptional efficiency.

The CIO of Broadcom, Alan Davidson, commented on the new product launches, stating that a "Collaboration with Dell means faster innovation for my business. The new Dell PowerScale F710 has exceeded our expectations with more than 25% performance improvements in our EDA workloads while delivering improved data centre sustainability."

The PowerScale F210 and F710 nodes serve as the hallmarks of Dell's vision for accelerated AI integration in infrastructure, according to Chris Mount, Director of Program Management. The nodes achieve unmatched performance and scalability by integrating the latest OneFS software with high-quality PowerEdge servers. Furthermore, they adapt to customers' demands for rapid and cost-efficient solutions, effectively tackling heavy data loads generated by the ongoing development of next-gen applications and workloads.

The F210 and F710 models build on PowerScale's eight consecutive years as a leader in the Magic Quadrant, with the F210 designed to provide high performance with small capacity requirements. In contrast, the F710 delivers an optimal high-performance balance with substantial capacity in a 1RU setting.

Dell Technologies has also made strides in energy efficiency, introducing a Smart Flow chassis in their new platform. This feature directs air efficiently where it is needed, significantly improving power use. This adoption of continuous innovation enables Dell to deliver up to 90% greater performance per watt within just a year. The F710 model accommodates up to ten drives in a 1U configuration, a 25% increase in node density from its precursor, the F600. Meanwhile, the F210 doubles the capacity compared to the F200 through the introduction of a 15TB QLC drive.

These PowerScale enhancements could lead to a swift uptake of AI innovations among customers. The F210 and F710 nodes offer an impressive landscape of features, such as non-disruptive scaling, multi-tenant capabilities, universal data access with multiprotocol support, and seamless interoperability with flexible public clouds. These features and capabilities make them well-positioned to handle the most demanding file workloads, including AI and generative AI.

Dell Technologies demonstrates its ambition to bring AI to your data anywhere through its broad GenAI infrastructure portfolio. It spans across various domains - from cloud services to client devices, secured under the single vendor, thereby highlighting Dell’s commitment towards empowering customers on their AI journey.