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Datagate and NetSapiens partner to empower MSPs

By Catherine Knowles, Wed 28 Jul 2021

Datagate Innovation has partnered with NetSapiens to offer managed service providers (MSPs) the ability to better understand internal operations and ultimately grow their business.

By integrating with the NetSapiens platform, Datagate states it is working to meet the evolving demands of its MSP customers, particularly those with UCaaS at the forefront of their offering.

Datagate enables MSPs to automate the rating, billing and bundling of all telecommunications services. Through its integration with NetSapiens’ SNAPsolution, Datagate is able to read Call Data Records (CDRs) from NetSapiens for call rating and usage billing.

For MSPs in the United States, Datagate also uses this CDR data for telecom tax calculations. The ability to aggregate crucial usage metrics affords the MSP greater visibility, optimising their pricing, billing and invoicing processes while ensuring enhanced tax compliance, the company states.

The partnership is designed to empower them with the SaaS billing solutions they need while helping them deliver the cloud-based, cost-optimised PBX capabilities their own customers prefer, according to Datagate.

As a result of this partnership, the NetSapiens and Datagate teams will continue to work closely, prioritising the demands of the MSP in order to position them for enhanced long-term success, the companies wrote in a statement.

Datagate CEO Mark Loveys says, “The NetSapiens PBX platform is hugely popular with our MSP customers.

“Most of our MSP clients use the NetSapiens platform, either directly or indirectly, and we’re delighted to announce our alignment to support this platform in current and future versions of Datagate Telecom Billing.”

NetSapiens SVP solution strategy and business development, Jason Byrne, says, “NetSapiens and Datagate make for an ideal partnership because our business values are one and the same - we are both unfailingly driven by market demand and customer requirements.

“NetSapiens’ disruptive business model and robust communications and collaboration tools help our partners get where they want to go on their own terms with the trusted support they need.

"Datagate’s philosophy is the same - give the customer what they truly want while removing the barriers that keep them from their goals. We’re excited to help Datagate’s customers intuitively leverage the solutions they need.”

Loveys says, “Datagate’s integration with NetSapiens is harmonious and proven, and we’re continuing to add more integration capabilities in future releases."

He says, “As we move forward, our strategy is to be the most integrated telecoms billing solution for MSPs. This will ensure we’re able to fulfil each and every demand our clients require to thrive in an evolving digital world.”

Datagate Innovation delivers a specialised billing solution that allows MSPs and UCaaS Providers to grow their telecom revenue.

NetSapiens provides a comprehensive suite of UC, video conferencing, collaboration and contact centre solutions to more than 200 service providers, servicing more than 1.8 million users around the globe.

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