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Crayon partners with Kahoot! to boost global educational engagement
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Crayon, IT services and innovation global leader has announced a strategic partnership with Kahoot!, a global learning and engagement platform, in a move to improve educational experiences through advances in technology. Crayon will become the newest reseller of Kahoot!'s tools.

Schools and educational institutes worldwide have seen a dip in student motivation and engagement following the pandemic. Still, three out of four teachers believe technology has played a vital role in reviving student-centred learning during this challenging period. Crayon and Kahoot! aim to address this issue and enhance academic engagement in schools and universities around the globe.

Over the past decade, Crayon has provided its dedicated education services to more than 400 universities and schools worldwide. This partnership with Kahoot! signifies how the company is leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance educational experiences.

Launched in 2013, Kahoot! has evolved from merely a popular quiz tool to a global platform for learning, now utilising AI to make teaching and content creation more efficient and powerful. Today, over 8 million teachers around the world use Kahoot! for student-centred learning, lesson planning, assessment, and more.

Eilert Hanoa, CEO of Kahoot! commented, "We see this collaboration as a pivotal step in expanding our reach and impact in the educational sector. Joining forces with Crayon's technological expertise and established academic network will help us to significantly enhance the learning experience for educators and students alike."

In addition to reselling Kahoot!'s tools, Crayon will leverage Kahoot!'s pedagogic merit in its custom services offering to educational institutes. Furthermore, Crayon will aid the current Kahoot! users by identifying areas that can bring additional value while optimising their subscriptions.

Ole Bjarne Mogrd, a Senior Advisor for Learning and Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, believes that Kahoot! provides lecturers with a simple and effective way to produce and present educational material that fulfils their students' needs. The gamified learning approach of Kahoot! encourages active participation from students, making the learning experience more enjoyable and engaging.

Ole Bjarne Mogrd shared, "With Kahoot! our lecturers have an easy and efficient tool to create and deliver high-quality content that meets the educational needs of their students. This, while the gamified learning experience, allows the students to actively participate and engage with the content as we meet them on a platform they already feel native to and enjoy. So, it is really a win-win."

Michael Jacobs, Crayon Executive Vice President of Nordics, highlighted the challenges universities and corporations encounter when making learning more accessible and engaging. He expressed his belief that "The synergy of our core values and industry expertise will help educational institutions and corporations empower people to meet their true potential. Together, Crayon and Kahoot can help make learning more accessible and fun."