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ConnectWise launches new BDR solution
Fri, 18th Jun 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

ConnectWise has today announced the launch of its Recover Complete BDR offering, which provides TSPs with a service management console to monitor their backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions.

The offering integrates multiple third-party backup vendors into the ConnectWise platform. TSPs can manage their solutions using ConnectWise NOC (network operations centre) Services, which removes the need to dedicate full-time resources to backup tasks.

The company says that with this new offering, NOC services can save up to 90% of partners' time per month managing backups.

“With an evolving IT landscape, industry consolidation, and lack of trained technicians, it can be challenging for TSPs to manage multiple BDR solutions,” says ConnectWise senior director for product management David LeClair.

“ConnectWise's new offering is working to address those pain points.

“Now they don't have to struggle to obtain a single consolidated view on their backup state or jump between multiple tools to integrate various delivery methods for backup, or even deal with the complexities of billing and invoicing across their multiple backup vendors.”

The ConnectWise Recover Complete BDR allows TSPs to:

  • Utilise multiple BDR vendors, with a choice of solution to best fit their needs
  • View the status of all their customers protected endpoints in a single interface
  • Manage their status via alerting and ticketing
  • Define policies to onboard customers
  • Build and automate workflows
  • Manage their standard operating procedures 
  • Define uniform reports and simplify their billing experience, by buying licenses through the ConnectWise Marketplace and receiving one bill for all solutions from ConnectWise.

TSPs can also use ConnectWise's NOC Services to leverage trained technicians who can take over many of the daily tasks for troubleshooting and monitoring backups.

Cyber protection solution vendor Acronis is the first BDR vendor to integrate with ConnectWise. The new offering integrates with Acronis through the platform and the ability to buy in the ConnectWise Marketplace.

With Acronis, TSPs can assign tasks for the NOC to accomplish, monitor their environment and solve issues through the NOC, including managing alerts and helping with deployment issues, system or file recovery, setting up DR tests or working on disaster recovery failovers.

“ConnectWise sees the MSP industry much like Acronis does, and that is why we are proud to announce the launch of our new integration on Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud,” says Acronis board advisor - chief revenue officer Jan-Jaap Jager.

“Both ConnectWise and Acronis are focused on providing backup and recovery solutions from one single pane of glass, so MSPs can easily maintain their daily workloads, and focus on keeping their customers' businesses secure, efficient and profitable.