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Cevo gains AWS Resilience Competency enhancing system resilience services
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

Born-in-the-cloud AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Cevo has officially achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Resilience Competency in the categories of Resilience Design and Resilience Operations. The newly attained competency distinguishes Cevo as an AWS partner skilled in aiding organisations in bolstering the availability and resilience posture of their critical systems via AWS Resilience Services.

The AWS Resilience Competency accolade focuses on specialised AWS Partners like Cevo, who offer professional consulting and engineering services. These services range from defining and measuring availability metrics, reviewing operational and development resilience postures and mitigating risk to testing workloads with disaster recovery plans while developing solutions with standardised high availability and resilience. The specialisation acknowledges Cevo's ability to provide validated solutions that improve clients' critical systems availability and resilience posture.

Today's complex systems are prone to failures throughout their lifecycle, including code deployment issues, infrastructure problems, data and state failures, and even natural disasters. Consequently, organisations must plan for and anticipate system failures, designing their systems to withstand and recover from such failures with minimal repercussions to end users. Remote teams, distributed systems, and frequent releases underscore the need for heightened resilience in the current business environment.

The achievement of the AWS Resilience Competency, specifically in the Resilience Design and Resilience Operations categories, marks Cevo out as an AWS Partner with demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in aiding customers to achieve their resilience goals. This includes building cloud infrastructure for business-critical workloads sensitive to unplanned downtime and offering services that test distributed applications by deliberately introducing failure and faulty scenarios to confirm their resilience in disruptive situations.

James Lewis, CEO at Cevo, commented: "We are proud to achieve the AWS Resilience Competency. This is great recognition of the work the team has consistently delivered to help our customers build applications and systems that are robust and resilient and meet the 'always on' expectations of both the customer and their end users."

He added, "Our focus on resilience in every customer engagement, coupled with the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides, has allowed us to achieve this important milestone. Congratulations to the team on this achievement and thank you to our valued customers who we have partnered with to deliver their projects."

The company's resilience assessment for financial organisations is designed to help Australian banks meet APRA standards for system resilience and business continuity. Utilising the AWS Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region, the framework assists banks in assessing the suitability of a multi-region disaster recovery strategy, reducing downtime and the risk of data loss.

Tim Mansour, Technology Director at Mediality, spoke of his experience with Cevo: "Mediality has needed to uplift the resilience of several core business applications running on AWS. In partnership with Cevo, we have significantly enhanced resilience, reliability and monitoring, resulting in faster response times and improved experience for production staff and our customers."

"Cevo has repeatedly demonstrated their deep and broad AWS technical expertise and creativity, and we couldn't have achieved these results with the same level of confidence without their invaluable support."