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CAST & metafinanz join forces to boost Green IT initiatives
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

In a bold step to enhance IT sustainability, two tech giants, CAST and metafinanz, have announced a new partnership. The coalition between these two companies will see them working together to push forward Green IT initiatives. In this collaborative effort, CAST is set to contribute its software intelligence, while metafinanz will supply its rich experience in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) transformation. This partnership is a blend of their expertise directed towards actualising Green IT.

The partnership was announced in New York and Paris on February 29, 2024. metafinanz is a consulting subsidiary of Allianz and is well-known for its robust approach towards Green IT. This focus is considerably driven by its ESG transformation team. The collaboration with CAST, who are experts in software intelligence, promises to be a significant stride to enhance IT sustainability.

A key aspect of this deal will be the Maturity Model Integrated Green IT Framework from metafinanz. This framework consists of 23 disciplines designed to drive green organisational transformation. One major element of this framework is 'green coding.' This process involves measuring application electricity consumption, reviewing code, implementing improvements, and re-measuring. Furthermore, metafinanz has developed specific Green Coding Guidelines for programming languages such as Python and Java.

Houssem Ben Abderrahman, the DACH Managing Director at CAST, praised the partnership between CAST and metafinanz, highlighting the synergies it has brought about. He emphasised that by combining CAST's software intelligence Green IT insights with metafinanz's Green IT processes, they have developed a potent synergy known as the Assembly Line for Green IT. This synergy facilitates the creation of exceptionally efficient IT systems, aligning with environmental sustainability goals while optimising performance.

"Through the fusion of CAST's software intelligence Green IT insights and metafinanz's Green IT processes, we have established a powerful synergy, Assembly Line for Green IT, enabling the creation of highly efficient IT systems, said Abderrahman. 

Houssem Ben Abderrahman also highlighted the challenges that decision-makers face when dealing with complex IT systems, asserting, "Our collaboration provides a robust solution, enabling better management of digital challenges."

This partnership is poised to be a paradigm-shifter in the IT industry, particularly in the arena of 'Green IT.' The amalgamation of CAST's software intelligence with metafinanz's Green IT processes will create more efficient IT systems. The scalable solutions this partnership will provide will assist decision-makers in more effectively navigating and managing digital challenges.

In a progressively digital and dynamic world, the need for sustainable IT systems is rising. The partnership between CAST and metafinanz clearly outlines a roadmap for sustainable development in technology, contributing to the creation of an environment-friendly IT industry. Their collaboration is a testament to the changing times as they adopt and drive environmentally responsible practices in the tech industry.