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BrainStorm Software boasts 70% female representation in Australian office
Thu, 2nd Nov 2023

In a progressive move, digital transformation company BrainStorm Software announces a robust female representation amounting to 70% in their Australian workspace.

As part of this commitment to diversity, the company recently affirmed the appointment of Bianca Ipscwitz as Account Executive and the promotion of Evelyn Carter to the role of General Manager of Services.

Founder and CEO of BrainStorm Software, Ty Osborne, articulates this as a promising trend: "It's great to see more women interested in technology; we have women working in all areas of our business from Sales to Engineering."

"Our primary criterion is who can perform the job most effectively, and if you demonstrate the skills and talent, you'll be the incumbent in the role," explains Osborne.

Evelyn Carter's professional trajectory has been mainly in industries typically dominated by men, particularly Manufacturing and Distribution. She has held favourable stints with reputed organisations such as Nulon Products and Baltimore Aircoil, which have accorded her an exhaustive understanding of diverse business functions, including Account Management, Production Planning, Demand Planning, Purchasing, and Systems Management.

Evelyn expresses her gratitude for the support she received during her early years in Baltimore. She credits a supportive manager for boosting her confidence and enabling her to challenge societal norms. Even though the industry was predominantly male-dominated, she remained resolute in her professional growth and achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first person from the 'Office' to assume the role of a Production Planner.

Evelyn recalls: "In my formative years at Baltimore, working with a supportive manager helped boost my confidence and flout societal norms."

"Despite the industry being male-dominated, I never let it affect my professional growth and even broke barriers by becoming the first person from the 'Office' to take on the role of a Production Planner."

As the new General Manager of Services at BrainStorm, she articulates her goal: "I aim to embolden our teams and establish systems, tools, framework and processes to ensure we consistently provide customer excellence."

Bianca Ipscwitz, who has enjoyed a fulfilling 17-year career in sales in the tech industry, also acknowledges the progress made in this sphere, stating: "Early on in my career, women in the tech space were traditionally a minority and more often placed into supportive roles. However, now the scales seem to be rebalancing."

"With the cultural shift, women are realising their full potential, and no industry is off limits. I have observed women in the CEO role commanding equal admiration and respect as that experienced by their male counterparts," says Ipscwitz. 

As a company, BrainStorm Software crafts and implements software solutions to provide businesses with an upper hand over their competitors. The organisation steadfastly believes that software should serve its business and never govern it. This philosophy shapes their solutions to alleviate the dilemmas of a disconnected system that eventually enhances efficiency, boosts revenue, reduces cost, and helps their customers amass more profit.