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Barracuda Networks enhances partner program to boost channel profitability
Wed, 6th Mar 2024

Cloud-first security solutions provider Barracuda Networks, Inc. has declared new enhancements to its Barracuda Partner Success Program. The improvements are intended to boost margin and profitability for channel partners and distributors while expanding their technical prowess.

Investments in the Barracuda Partner Success Program feature better compensation models for partners on a global scale, which comprise new discounts and rebates for top-tier associates. Furthermore, the company has expanded its internal offerings to allow partners to maximise their revenue. Redesigned compensation models will underpin long-term growth for partners by setting them up to engage and secure new clients more effectively.

Additional partner sales and technical endeavours, rolled out with the enhancements to the program, provide access to four new partner technical certification courses and bolstered technical enablement resources. That includes simplifying the creation of customised, trackable links to the Barracuda Email Threat Scanner and granting insight into customer scanning reports.

Jason Beal, Vice President, Worldwide Partner Ecosystems at Barracuda, commented, "Just three months after launching our global Partner Success program, we are excited to announce key enhancements to the program that will enable our partners to maximise their success through the partner multiplier, leading to greater profitability when they go to market with Barracuda."

Expanding on the company's commitment to partners, Barracuda is introducing a new Premier-level rebate for top-tier partners. The novel rebate scheme is organised around the customer success framework of the LAER model: land, adoption, expansion, and retention and renewal. The rebate program rewards associates for securing new customers, enhancing product functionality adoption, diversifying offerings in the Barracuda portfolio, and retaining customers.

Noted by Jason Beal, this initiative sprouted from recent conversations with the Partner Advisory Board and marked a significant step for the company in recognising their top-shining partners worldwide. Beal accentuated, "This new rebate is a significant milestone for Barracuda in recognising top-performing partners around the globe."

The company started the Barracuda Partner Success Program in December 2023, aiming to ensure partner success globally through the shared success model and partner agility. As a result of the recent investments, Barracuda experienced a 14% growth in annual recurring revenues (ARR) for SaaS solutions and a 17% growth in ARR through its MSP business. The number of hybrid partners is also increasing.

Ron Fowler, Structured President and CEO, highlighted Barracuda's enhanced partner program as significantly contributing to their ongoing success, he said, "The technical enablement tools and resources they provide help us to optimise the customer experience, which sets us apart from the competition and helps us differentiate our offerings in an increasingly competitive business environment."

Jessica McDowell, SVP of High Growth Business Development & Strategy, TD SYNNEX, remarked, "Barracuda's increased investment in domestic distribution is a clear indication of their commitment to partner success and their focus on distribution as a key driver."

Under the newly enhanced program, partners will attain significant success at the Premier, Preferred, and Authorised levels, with benefits and resources offered based on their total sales contributions.