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Australian Wagyu Association & MEQ unveil groundbreaking partnership
Tue, 14th Nov 2023

The Australian Wagyu Association (AWA) and MEQ have unveiled a new partnership to foster collaborative, objective carcass measurement and innovative data use down the Wagyu supply chain. The alliance was announced at the Australian Wagyu Association's technical workshop.

MEQ will deliver rigorous carcase measurements to the AWA's membership as an objective carcase grading partner. Furthermore, the organisation will analyse measurement data, extracting new insights to guide remarkable results across the Wagyu supply chain.

MEQ's precise grading and comprehensive data analysis will be critical facets of the AWA's Progeny Test Programme. This initiative is designed to refine and enhance the highly valued traits intrinsic to Wagyu breeding.

Alongside this, the valuable data provided by MEQ will be integrated into the association's BREEDPLAN initiative. BREEDPLAN serves as an industry-wide database that highlights the estimated breeding value of animals and operates as a critical genetic performance benchmark.

Remo Carbone, CEO of MEQ, said, "Australian Wagyu has always stood out within the global red meat industry. MEQ is thrilled by our new partnership, which will arm association members with actionable insights from measurement data to make the best business decisions."

"We are also excited to participate in the Progeny Test Program and  BREEDPLAN to help further the Wagyu breed as a whole."

The introduction of MEQ as a key partner in the AWA's Progeny Test Program highlights the association's commitment to utilising objective grading and data analysis to improve breeding results. MEQ's data collected and analysed will significantly contribute to this innovative approach to using transformative data throughout the Wagyu supply chain.

Through this newly formed partnership, MEQ takes on a significant role in enhancing the global prominence and genetic prowess of the Australian Wagyu breed. The collaboration between the two organisations promises to facilitate a new era of objectivity and measurable data accuracy within the Wagyu industry, yielding benefits for all parts of the supply chain, from farmers to end consumers.

Matthew McDonagh, CEO of the Australian Wagyu Association, said, "Quality is paramount with Wagyu, and we are always on the lookout for tools that can improve the breed and further its reputation as the world's luxury beef. This is why we are delighted to be embarking on this unique partnership with MEQ that will greatly expand the AWA's data collection and analytics capabilities."

"With MEQ on board as an AWA objective grading partner, we greatly expand our ability to use high accuracy commercial data from Wagyu producers around the world. This ensures that our members know the exact composition of their product, regardless of their location."

"With unrivalled insights and analysis into Wagyu product quality traits, we are confident about continuing to build on Australian Wagyu's leadership position in the global market. MEQ's suite of tools helps us delve into the science behind the meat, and we look forward to working together to advance the production of Australian Wagyu."

The partnership between AWA and MEQ reinforces the constantly evolving and progressive nature of the Australian Wagyu industry. By committing to objective measurement and transformative data utilisation, the organisations aim to drive efficiency and foster excellence throughout the Wagyu sector.