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Australia's first gas & green hydrogen power station opens in NSW
Tue, 20th Feb 2024

The first Australian power plant capable of running on a dual-fuel mix of natural gas and green hydrogen opened in New South Wales (NSW) recently. Known as the Tallawarra B Power Station, the facility is the result of a partnership between GE Vernova and EnergyAustralia. Its operation will provide reliable, dispatchable generation that supports the growth of intermittent renewables.

Tallawarra B Power Station uses GE Vernova's 9F.05 gas turbine, which marks a significant development for Australia's energy industry. EnergyAustralia plans for the facility to utilise a blend of 5% green hydrogen and natural gas starting from 2025, which depends on the growth of a suitable hydrogen manufacturing industry. This is predicted to be the first global use of the 9F gas turbine in a dual-fuel operation.

Providing up to 320 Megawatts (MW) of power, the recently launched Tallawarra B Power Station will aid in maintaining the reliability of the energy grid. It ensures NSW energy consumers receive consistent and affordable energy. The power station will also contribute to partially replacing the energy production capacity lost when a 1,680-megawatt, nearby coal-fired power station closed in 2023.

Mark Collette, Managing Director of EnergyAustralia, highlighted Tallawarra B Power Station's landmark role in the energy transition. "Tallawarra B is the first gas-fired power station built in New South Wales in over 10 years. The new station will play a vital role in providing flexible and reliable energy during periods of peak demand or low supply," he stated. Collette also emphasised EnergyAustralia's commitment to a sustainable future with goals for achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

The President and CEO of GE Vernova’s Gas Power, Asia, Ramesh Singaram, affirmed their commitment to delivering reliable, stable, and cost-effective energy. He stated, "Tallawarra B Power Station demonstrates the substantive role that gas technologies can play in reducing carbon emissions, ensuring reliable electrical supply, and fighting climate change." He added that this initiative enhances GE Vernova's mission to assist energy providers, like EnergyAustralia, to foster a hydrogen supply chain, transition Australia to a lower carbon future, and meet demanding local requirements with less environmental impact.

Tallawarra B Power Station resides eight miles southwest of Wollongong, near EnergyAustralia's existing 435 MW Tallawarra A gas plant on Lake Illawarra's western shore. For the project, GE Vernova equipped the plant with an A78 generator, an innovative Plume Dispersion Device, a generator step-up transformer, and a feature-rich control system. These apparatuses simplify installation work and enable easier and quicker serviceability for the plant operator.

GE Vernova, which has operated in Australia for more than 120 years, has a gas turbine portfolio capable of burning hydrogen levels from 5% up to 100%. Committed to developing combustion technology for 100% hydrogen fuel, the company aims to have solutions ready for its portfolio by 2030.