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Australia Post signs digital transformation deal with Salesforce
Thu, 29th Feb 2024

Australia Post has announced a multi-year deal with Salesforce to assist in their digital transformation strategy, including executing AI across its entire organisation. Expanding on their existent partnership, Australia Post will utilise Salesforce's full product suite – encompassing Slack, Tableau, and Mulesoft – to upgrade their customer experience across sales, service and marketing sectors.

Australia Post's commitment to digital transformation will also involve reallocating Salesforce's Einstein1 AI platform, specifically targeting the simplification and transformation of their customer experience. This will be manifested through a renovated emphasis on customer-first design, correlating with the enabling of agents with artificial intelligence on all predominant channels as part of the wider business transformation.

Through this updated agreement, Australia Post has committed to incorporating Salesforce's technology platform as a foundational force supporting Australia Post's Customer Experience Transformation. Through such, the organisation aims to renew and improve their customer experience across the core business areas including Sales, Service, and Marketing.

Australia Post will utilise Salesforce to underpin the 'experience layer', enabling each customer-facing team member to support its merchant and consumer customers consistently and personally. The journey to customer experience, according to such plans, will extend from sales onboarding to servicing and support via contact centres, post offices, and maintenance – providing all customers with aligned and personalised experiences.

There will be new operational capabilities aiming to foster stronger customer and community engagement, including the Salesforce Service Cloud offering consistent support across all channels and languages. Salesforce's Data Cloud is to connect millions of operational data points on parcels, granting heightened customer interaction insights. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud will work concurrently to create a personalised customer engagement experience across digital touchpoints and channels, whilst the Tableau will support a rounded view and provide secure analytics. Mulesoft is tasked with integrating Salesforce to relevant data sets across other strategic technology vendors, offering a singular view of customers.

Within this scope of transformation, AI's efficiency and productivity potential are being tapped into more fully. Using Einstein1, Australia Post will utilise AI-created content across sales, service, and marketing interactions at a hyperscale. This aims to best identify the right products and services for the right customers, enhancing the customer service experience by simplifying core processes and enabling AI across all channels within the transformation phase.

Michael McNamara, Executive General Manager, Enterprise Services at Australia Post, stated: "Establishing our key strategic technology platforms is a crucial first step for the transformation of our digital customer experience. Investment in cutting-edge technology is crucial in ensuring we set the business up for success as we continue to simplify and modernise our operations. Salesforce has the right platform for us to revolutionise how we connect with customers by harnessing the transformative potential of AI and data-driven insights."

Barry Dietrich, Senior Vice President Public Sector Salesforce Asia Pacific, expressed his excitement in aiding Australia Post on this journey, adding it is to be achieved "by leveraging the full power of the Einstein1 Platform to truly engage with its customers and community in a digital-first, highly efficient and deeply personalised way".