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ATech develops revolutionary aeronautical data portal for Airservices Australia
Wed, 20th Dec 2023

ATech, a prominent Brisbane-based firm specialising in cloud hosting and web development, has successfully developed the Airservices Australia's Aeronautical Data Originator (ADO) Portal.

This latest offering from the company signifies a revolutionised approach to aeronautical data and information collection, providing a self-managed, digitised, and modernised method, the company states.

Airservices Australia, a government-owned corporation, is accountable for managing 11% of the world's airspace safely and efficiently. Alongside this, it also provides aviation rescue fire fighting services at Australia's busiest airports.

Furthermore, they are known for their collection, management, and distribution of critical aeronautical data and information which facilitates safe and efficient national and international air navigation across Australia and its territories. The data that Airservices Australia handles is also crucial in supporting other operationally significant systems utilised in flight planning and air traffic control.

The developed ADO portal is now being introduced to 1000 aeronautical data originators at 600 organisations all over the country, which includes airports, military operators, and government services. Airservices Australia's AIS Data Integrity Manager, David Foster, expressed his thoughts on this development.

“We threw a big challenge at the ATech team, to help us design and build a user-friendly aeronautical data collection portal from scratch," he said. He also added, "The collaborative design work and agile development approach adopted by ATech was one of the key factors contributing to the successful build, and deployment of the Airservices ADO Portal."

"With over 1000 users currently registered and using the ADO Portal, we're incredibly proud to offer this new service milestone. The portal improves our service offering and creates better outcomes for the aviation industry."

Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann, Managing Director of ATech, spoke about their customer-focused approach, saying, "ATech has worked with all levels of the government for many years. We invest in deeply understanding our clients' needs and have the technical expertise to deliver high quality results, on time and within budget. The feedback we receive from clients is that they really appreciate our responsiveness. It’s what sets us apart."

In addition, she highlighted that the ADO portal is a customer-centric solution that streamlines the collection, updating, and storage of aeronautical information. Its keys benefits are the reduction of manual processes and the assurance of accurate information to aviation users.

Historically, the establishment of Airservices Australia occurred in July 1995 when the Civil Aviation Authority was divided into two separate government bodies: Airservices Australia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Apart from Airservices Australia, ATech's portfolio comprises of building and hosting websites and web apps for organisations such as Virgin Australia, Seqwater, and Brisbane City Council. ATech is known for its specialisation in systems requiring scalability, high availability, and robust cyber security.