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AgSmart Connect to launch crucial agri-tech adoption research
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

New research examining agri-tech adoption among farmers will be unveiled in March at the AgSmart Connect event in Tamworth. The study, titled "Harvesting Knowledge: Understanding Farmer Literacy and Adoption of Agri-Innovation in Australia", will disclose the vital factors influencing farmers' comprehension and reception of current agri-tech solutions.

Lupe Prada, Commercial Manager at ACM Rural Events, says it will provide "actionable insights for policymakers, agri-tech developers, and agricultural extension services to cultivate a more conducive environment for the widespread adoption of agri-innovations."

AgSmart Connect, operated by ACM (Australian Community Media) Rural Events, is a seminar-led exhibition showcasing the latest in agricultural and agro-industrial products, services, and technology. It will provide a platform for the announcement of this inaugural research study, which is currently being carried out by ACM Agri research agency Chi-Squared.

The results of the research will be presented by ACM Agri Insights Manager Karen Rogers, a seasoned research analyst who has spent more than 27 years spearheading agricultural research at Australian Community Media.

The partnership between the Farms of the Future Program by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and ACM Agri for the said research project highlights the importance of adopting and integrating agricultural technology into farming operations.

Ailie Webb, Program Leader, Farms of the Future, said, "Understanding the uptake of ag-tech and the barriers to adopting new technologies will drive education and demonstration through the NSW DPI in 2024, and we invite partners and brands to be part of our mission to Educate, Innovate, and Connect in ag-tech."

Webb expressed her excitement about the partnership and encouraged farmers and industry representatives to attend AgSmart Connect to witness the research findings being revealed. "While you're at AgSmart Connect, drop by the Farms of the Future site to ask any questions. We're also offering free training, events, and field days throughout NSW in 2024," Ailie said. 

Apart from the research project, the Farms of the Future Program also supports ACM Agri's agri-tech research. In addition to ACM Agri's inaugural research, the program brings along its partners to the event, including Field Solutions Group, Farmbot, and Sentek Technologies. Recently registered exhibitors include Hardi Australia, Upton Agricultural Technologies, Athena IR-Tech, PyroAg, Elynx, Bardee, Siteguard, AGMON, Drone-Hand, and Farmdeck.

According to Lupe Prada, AgSmart Connect is "Australia's most accessible and educational agri-innovation event." Its goal, she states, is to support growth in agri-innovation to secure the future of agriculture in Australia. Prada invites potential exhibitors to take part in the event, notifying businesses interested in becoming sponsors of the attractive packages available.

Farmers are also encouraged to approach the Farms of the Future site at AgSmart Connect for any queries. The program team will offer free training, events, and field days across NSW in 2024, intending to "Educate, Innovate, and Connect in ag-tech," says Ailie Webb.