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Adobe expands ecosystem with new partners and tools

Thu, 17th Mar 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Adobe has announced the expansion of its ecosystem to include new partners and developer tools through Adobe Experience Cloud for customised experiences.

The company revealed the news at Adobe Summit - The Digital Experience Conference, announcing the ecosystem will now facilitate new opportunities for its technology and solution partners, as well as developers, to deliver more personalised customer experiences while speeding up content velocity and enabling seamless customer journeys.

Produced through new technology partner integrations, new capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud are now available for customers to deploy, including buying online, picking up in-store, and free two-day shipping and payment services.

Working with its solution partners, Adobe says the company has achieved significant momentum in scaling Adobe Experience Cloud.

Additionally, the solution partners have achieved more than 30% growth year-over-year while working with Adobe.

Adobe is also providing developers with new tools for building and deploying cloud-based applications that work seamlessly across its products' new headless tools.

It says the headless tools provide flexibility to create custom user experiences in addition to Adobe technology.

"When we put more power in the hands of developers, technology and solution partners, good things happen," Adobe business development vice president Justin Merickel says.

"Adobe is laser-focused on growing and empowering our ecosystem to expand the value that Adobe Experience Cloud customers derive from our applications."

Adobe's announcement comes after the company's extensive ecosystem received the top position for execution and vision in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Gartner additionally cited the breadth of the ecosystem, which includes design, creative, marketing and advertising agencies, solutions partners, and Adobe's creative tools.

Gartner also credited Adobe with providing many options to its customers for deploying and supporting its products.

New partners include Anaplan, FedEx, OneTrust, PayPal, Walmart and The Weather Company, an IBM Business.

Adobe says its partnership with global agencies is scaling Adobe Experience Cloud while helping its solution partners realise significant business growth.

Furthermore, Adobe has added over 200 new partners to its 4,000-strong network over the past year.

"In the evolving digital economy, personalisation is the new name of the game," IBM Consulting global Adobe lead Justin Ablett says.

"Our relationship with Adobe allows us to accelerate our clients' digital transformation so they can deliver unparalleled customer experiences."

Adobe says more than 460,000 developers and community members use Adobe Exchange, the company's enterprise marketplace of thousands of third-party applications, extensions, plug-ins, scripts and more, to extend the functionality of Adobe Experience Cloud further.

Adobe's new developer tools include:

  • Adobe App Builder for Commerce and Experience Manager

This gives developers the tools to build and deploy cloud-native web applications aimed at creating customised content, commerce and document experiences that work seamlessly across Adobe applications. App Builder for Commerce is expected to be available in the second half of the year.

  • Headless commerce capabilities

These provide developers with the flexibility to create their own custom user experiences on top of Adobe's technology. For example, brands can create their own custom storefront powered by Adobe's eCommerce tools.

  • Adobe PDF Services API integration with Workfront Fusion

This offers developers access to APIs that enable the automation of approval and signature workflows and centralised visibility into documents' status.

  • Adobe PDF Services connector for Microsoft Power Automate

This helps developers build multi-step, dynamic workflows for complex documents involved in contracts, client/employee onboarding, financial reporting, as well as data analysis and retrieval.

  • Source and destination Software Development Kits

These make it easy for developers and partners to create integrations with Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Real-Time CDP to expedite time-to-value for customers. Partners can build source and destination connectors or extensions for Real-Time CDP Connections.

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